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Theresa M. 10-31-2003 04:19 AM

Hi I have only posted a few times but I read this board all the time. You are all my comfort and inspiration. I hope to pass some inspiration on to any new members: I was diagnosed 7/01. 42 yo. Er-/Pr- Grade 2/3 1 pos. node 2.0 & .4 cm. tumors. Mastectomy of left breast no reconstruction yet. I was diagnosed while weaning my 15 month old from breastfeeding (I have breastfed all 3 of my children for at least 15 mos. so there goes that risk reduction theory!). I knew I needed herceptin and was applying to several clinical trials. Thanks to God I was randomized to the Herceptin arm of a local trial (I was prepared to travel anywhere). I am currently NED and other than some chemobrain and arthritis-like symptoms I feel FABULOUS. Since my diagnosis my 15 month old is now a 3.6 yr. old preschooler I have opened the business of my dreams (antiques) and I am matriculated into a Master's Program in Social Work. I want so much to help other women in this journey. I think this board is wonderful and am so grateful to Christine and Joe for offering it. I have been involved with several support groups but feel that we HER+ women have unique issues and I am so thrilled that we have this forum. My prayers and best wishes to you all.

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