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Amanda 04-07-2011 02:25 PM

very forgetful and tired!
Hi Ladies , I was diagnosed in 2002 thankfully life has been kind to me since. Still suffering the effects of an oopherectomy and onset of menopause dryness is quite bad. I use Sylk and replens does anyone else have any other suggestions? I still get really tired I am on a bone pill as my bones are declining. I have to stand up for 1/2 hour to hold my bones so they do not get any worse. I also get very forgetful in fact my shortime memory is terrible! I had chemo and radio does it effect our brains? its the after effects of BC that people do not realise. Any help would be appreciated take care love Amanda xx

'lizbeth 04-07-2011 07:07 PM

Re: very forgetful and tired!

I was really really tired too. Diagnosed in 2007, Her2", Er-, Pr-, but still in June 2010 was dragging my tail feathers. I tried prescriptive exercise with a physical therapist. It was soooo hard in the beginning. But within a couple months of exercising 3 times per week I felt soooo much better. The best part: My memory improved significantly. Yeah! Resistance and treadmill. Sorry you don't feel better and are dealing with the cruddy after effects of treatment.

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