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Diet and Nutrition By popular demand our nutritional message board. This board will be monitored by a Registered RD who is certified in oncology by the American Dietetic Association

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Post treatment Liver Issues

Hi Tanya and welcome to the board!
I was dx August 2006 stage I er/pr-, her2 +. I completed 3 rounds adriamycin, 12 taxol, and 1 yr herceptin. My liver has sustained significant damage from all the drugs and my enzymes are nearly double baseline. I am careful with my fat intake because my cholesterol/triglycerides are also elevated because of my liver function. I have been told there is nothing I can do to reverse this, but I am a true believer in being proactive. I am taking milk thistle, fish oil and eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies because I have read that plant sterols can help reduce cholesterol circulation, ultimately helping my liver. Do you have any suggestions as to other supplements, specific foods to eat or avoid, or other interventions I can add to boost my beaten and bruised liver.
My great grandmother turrned me upside down when I was born and shook me, saying it would keep me from having a weak liver....anyone wanna do that again for me??? :P

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Re: Post treatment Liver Issues

I won't volunteer to shake you :-) but can say that you have started doing some good things for your health! Milk thistle is commonly used by people for liver diseases. There is some research that suggests milk thistle may limit liver damage after exposure to certain industrial chemicals (not chemo specifically). It is generally considered safe. The fish oil (omega 3) may provide some anti-inflammatory benefits and is known to help with triglyceride levels (Lovaza prescription may be worth discussing with physician). There is so much we can do with diet and lifestyle to be proactive in our health. You have been wise to limit fat intake and increase fruits and vegetable. It will be important to maintain a healthy weight, avoid chronic overeating, and exercise. Specifically, a diet low in fat, high in fiber and rich in whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables will be ideal.
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