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Old 12-20-2003, 09:43 AM   #1
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I would like to remind everyone that this is a free and open message board.

There have been several posts lately about alternative treatments for Breast Cancer.

Please remember to consult with your oncologist before starting any alternative treatment program.

Certain supplements can interfere with your chemo.
I have also posted a link to the National Institute of Health's Alternative Medication
Web Site. It contains some useful information.

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Elaine, UK
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Christine has made a valid point about alternative AND complementary therapy, esp. for the purpose of complimentary therapy where some “alternative� treatments are being applied in conjunction with chemotherapy for example, and may impact the drug affect. I know for example that herbal extract, St John’s Wort can inhibit the effect of certain cancer drug treatments.

It is also worth bearing in mind that not all oncologists understand or recognize the merits of alternative approaches. If they have heard of them, they generally consider favourable results as “anecdotal� and “not within a controlled trial setting�.

I guess what I am saying is that where some oncologists may be quick to dismiss an alternative treatment that you bring forth to him/her, be aware that his/her answer is not the “be all and end all�. We are all human and no doctor knows all. That’s the unfortunate disadvantage we have. However, there is an up-side….

This is where the value of an open message board such as this, as well as the Internet has provided us all with the opportunity to seek what else is out there.

To give two examples of what I am trying to convey –

1. Christine has referred to her attached web site of the NCI.
According to the web sites above, the NCI has recognized the value of Dr Gonzalez and the Isaacs Enzyme program and has provided funding for the doctors to go ahead with a trial. Whilst their work is proving good results, as yet other oncologists around the world (including mine) do not yet know about these treatments – and mine was quick to suggest that such treatment would be unlikely to work by the nature of such enzymatic therapy. If I had taken his word as final, I would not be having the results I am currently having. Hence, persistence with seeking such information is key to our success I feel, and recognizing that treatments may work, despite what our doctors recognize, is also invaluable.

This doesn’t make our situation easy, as we all know, but it does also bring to the table, the issues of how far we “trust� beyond questioning, our oncologist’s view. I guess what I am saying is that an open mind is pretty key to all this.

2. Another example; sadly my first oncologist was so narrow minded in my treatment and also in the way he handled my case, to the point of negligence, that he severely hindered my treatment program. Luckily I changed to my present one and he is much better, despite the fact that he has no current knowledge of the Enzyme program mentioned above.

However, this man is of many years and thus wiser by experience. He for example recognizes the value of the “alternative� treatment of injecting mistletoe into the patient. My previous oncologist wouldn’t have even entertained such treatment – and they both work at the same hospital, presumably under the same hospital protocols. Now we begin to see the variances of opinion in treatment options that is VERY slowly creeping into conventional mainstream medical treatment.

Here’s to all of us who are out there dealing with this disease making the difference – some committing to trials which will help others in the future and some who are looking at all other sources, bringing them to the attention of our medical doctors, insisting they sit up and take note rather than quickly dismiss what in some cases is proving to be compelling data.

Merry Christmas to you all and a HEALTHY, prosperous New Year.
God Bless

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