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Hi everyone! I am not dealing with HER2 right now, but unfortunatley, my mom is. I write for her because she is to busy and to sick to do it herself. I love this site... when I read all of these inspiring stories, I always go back and tell her all about them and it makes us feel so much better. My mom was diagnosed in 2003. She had a lumpectomy and went through chemo. I am not sure of the names she dealt with, but I do remember she had to deal with the dreaded "red devil" medicine. I hated that. She only made it a year and then the cancer came back in December of 2004. At that time she was told a mastectomy was necessary. She was devastated. She opted for reconstruction. She recieved a dorsey flap... I beleive. Then her reconstruction began to die. So I took her to hyperbarics everyday and prayed that it would heal, so that she would have something. It did not heal though. So she had to go back in for a radical mastectomy. That was in Janurary of 2004. Through that whole time, we never knew she was HER2+. We eventually found out though and she is doing chemo right now and herceptin. However, about a month ago she found an enlarged lymph node in her neck. It scares us so much. The doctor has not yet biopsied it yet. He said he wanted to see if it would shrink.
We think that it may have a little bit. So we went in today for her PET scan and our despertley praying that it comes back negative for any cancer. She is always wanting to give up, and i have a really bad feeling that if this does not show some good news to her, then she will. Will you please pray for my mom! You all are so wonderful and this is my first time writing on here so forgive any mistakes. Thank you and my prayers go out to all of you women. You are truly amazing ladies and I admire all of you. It is such a hard battle to fight, but please know that there are alot of people on your side out there. Thanks again... Stephanie
Oh and P.S.--- We get the results tomorrow!
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