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I've purposefuly not asked for a "time estimate", because I don't want statistics to mentaly suggest to me that I only have X amount of life left to live, when that may or may not be what will really happen.
12/12/06- IDC Stage III, 4x A/C, 35 rads, Herceptin 1 year
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I had a friend who was given 1 month... she got angry and told the Doctor ... you do not know this, the only one who knows this is God... She lived another year and it was a good one.
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Just finding out about being stage 4 is distorting, I certainly did not take it well, I was also told that I had a few years to live, at first I beleive what they said but then I realised I am not a stat. I agree with all postings regarding how important it is to be agressive, informed and I would add beleive that it can be done. I particularly agree with the posting saying that you should focus on wellness and not your fear.

I was diagnosed with 6 tumours in August 06 and I am now a NED. It was my goal, I made it a mission, I knew I wanted the tumours out. I told my oncologist that I wanted to be cured and that it should be their goal to.

There is a small chance that mets never recur (something like 3% have a 15 years followed up survival) and with new drugs such as taxotere/herc this is increasing. I beleive and know that I am in that percentage and so should you. I am doing everything to try to increase it (healthy food, supplements) so my bodies knows thru these rituals that I am on his side and that it is loved, it might sound weird.

Lots of love

35 y/o
June 06: BC stage I
Grade 3; ER/PR neg
Her-2+++; lumpectomies

Aug 06: Stage IV
liver mets: 6 tumours
July 06 to Jan 07: 2*FEC+6*Taxotere; 3*TACE; LITT
March 07- Sept 07: Vaccination trial (phase 2, peptide based) at the UW (Seattle).
Herceptin since 2006
NED til Oct 09
Recurrence Oct 2009: to internal mammary gland since October 2009 missed on Oct and March 2010 scan.. palpable nodes in May 2010 when I realised..
Nov 2011:7 mets to lungs progressing fast failed hercp/tykerb/xeloda combo..

superior vena cava blocked: stent but face remains puffy

April 2012: Teresa Trial, randomised to TDM1
Nov 2012 progressing on TDM1
Dec 2012 blockage of my airways by tumours, obliteration of these blocking tumours breathing better but hoping for more- at mo too many tumours to count in the lungs and nodes.

Dec 2012 Starting new trial S-222611 phase 1b dual egfr her2+ inhibitor.

'Under no circumstances should you lose hope..' Dalai Lama
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