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Almost Skipped my Mammogram

2005 was a very busy year. I was five months late getting my mammogram. My mammos had been negative for 14 years, since I started getting them at age 40, so I decided to skip it for just one year. Then my boss gave me the news in October 2005 -- she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. That scared me into getting a mammogram. They found a .5 centimeter lump in my right breast that turned out to be positive.

Interesting to go through BC treatment with your boss. She had a 2 cm lump. Neither of us had nymph node involvement, but both of us are Her2++. We had surgery the same day by the same surgeon and we use the same oncologist. We share Herceptin stories. She is a good friend.

In my Wellness Community Support Group is a woman who skipped her mammogram for one year and ended up with two tumors and 16 positive lymph nodes. She's doing fine, but she went through a lot more treatment and tears than I did. There but for the grace of God go I.

I can't say I'm grateful that my boss got BC so I had the sense scared into me to get my mammogram? Let's just say I am grateful that my cancer was discovered early.

I also found out that my five great aunts on my mother's side died of breast cancer in their 40s or early 50s. It skipped my mother's generation and she was too frightened to talk about it -- until I was diagnosed. If I had known, maybe I wouldn't have taken hormore replacement therapy for seven years. But maybe I would have, since the doctors thought it was the greatest thing since the cell phone.

I am grateful for a lot of things, including Her2Support.org.
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