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Hi Peggy:

I live in Winter Park. June 2002 I was diagnosed with Stage I-II BC. ER + PR- Her 2 + No Lymph Gland Involvement. I felt so lucky to have caught it so early. I had a Masectomy and A/C 4x and then 33 days of radiation. All in all I felt ok. February 2003 was the last of radiation and all my blood work and scans have been a-ok since then. And life has been back to normal.....all systems go!

End of May this year (2005) I had severe stomach and back pains and ended up in the ER...turns out it was my Gall Bladder. While recovering from the Gall Bladder surgery I couldn't breathe, my blood pressure plummetted and my heart beat was 120...I was going into what they call tampanade..when the sac around your heart fills up with fluid and puts your heart in distress...

I had emergency surgery to relieve the tampande...which is done with a "scope"....when the Dr. was "poking" around the heart and lung area with the scope he found the linings of my lungs were riddled with Cancer.

Tests came back that is was BC...so apparently the cancer had metastisized w/o lymph gland involvement (which surprised me a lot!) and since then we have found out it is in a bunch of places in my bones.

So I jumped from Stage I-II to Stage IV. AND if I hadn't have had the Gall Bladder surgery complications they would have never found the lesions on my lungs!

I had my first go around with herceptin/Taxol a few weeks ago. I thought every thing was fine....but they are taking me off the Taxol because I developed pretty severe Neuropathy right off the bat...they are going to try taxotere/herceptin this week. Although I read the neuropathy side effects seems to be the same...I guess we'll see.

Just wanted to say hi. I never thought things would get so bad so quickly. I got through my first go-around with a great attitude and was practically fearless. I feel very different this time. I am absolutley scared to death.

I am a very young 43 and I am blessed with incredibly supportive family, friends, fiance. But you know, I have never talked to anybody who is actually going throught the same thing I am. Reading these message boards really helps.

Thanks for letting me share.
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