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Keeping Your Mind Off of BC Fun things and posts that do not apply to BC

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Old 07-25-2013, 04:53 PM   #21
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

LOVE the Chemo Ninjas!! My husband is a Martial Arts Instructor, who currently is laughing sooooo hard at my Chemo Ninja name!!! So grateful we can laugh today.
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

That's great! Laughter is very powerful medicine!
So... what is your Ninja name?
Welcome to the community!

Tekuto Ki Ariku
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Old 01-01-2014, 11:42 PM   #23
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Hello everybody! I am Nokachi Ku Rindotomozi, ready to kick some cancer but tomorrow on my second chemo session. So far, so good, walked two miles today and I can hear the Rocky sound inspiring me. Wish me luck my fellow ninjas!!
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Old 01-02-2014, 09:24 AM   #24
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Good luck Nokachi Ku Rindotomozi!

I can hear the Rocky music all the way over on the other coast . . .
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

It warmed my heart to see and remember this post from the summer and happy tears formed in laughter and sadness over Denise and the fun things she came up with.
Still fighting but winning many battles...

Mikachirifu (Cathy)
3/06 DX stage III er-pr-her2+++ breast, 1+node
age 49 and 364 days
3XAC 4X taxol and herceptin continue herceptin one year
bilat mastectomy w/TRAM
32 rads
9/08 recurrance 4 sternal nodes
mediastinoscopy, able to remove 3
taxotere, carboplatin, herceptin, x6
continue herceptin indefinately
5/10 recurrance in same node/area
mediastinoscopy, removed nodes
added tykerb
27 rads
10/18/10 PET shows inflammation no active disease
8/2011 recurrence one right mediastinal node, xeloda and proton radiation to node.
D/C xeloda due to toxicity
12/5 PET scan clear
2/2012 colon blockage, breast cancer
(never thought it could go there! thought I was constipated)
start abraxane, herceptin, continue tykerb
10/2012 Kidney ablation (renal CA!)
3/2013 CT and biopsy R kidney (BC met to R kidney)
4/4/2013 Begin Kadcyla
7/30/13 Craniotomy cerebellar mets, 1.7cm 3cm
Sept 4-6 post op cyberknife
Sept 23 ablation right kidney (blow up pesky breast ca met)
Oct headaches MRI Oct 10 (only surgical changes ! Yay!)
Short of breath. CT, pulmonary function, echo
New crap in right lung heart good. Pooh!
12/13 DC kadcyla. Begin halaven
2/14 MRI brain NED Yay!
4/3/14 CT mostly stable but breast mets r kidney growing
4/16/14 ablation right kidney again
Continue halaven, tykerb
dc halaven gemzar?
2nd opinion May 14
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Old 01-03-2014, 05:29 PM   #26
Carol Ann
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

I found this forum just a few days before NEDenise passed, although I just started posting ... I have my chemo ninja assassin name now, and I intend to tell all my onc nurses about it and NEDenise, at my next chemo, #3 of 6 TCH on Monday. Her memory and legacy to us to keep fighting and laughing LIVES ON!!

Mikashimota Katoto (Carol Ann)
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Old 01-27-2014, 06:14 AM   #27
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

I KNOW Denise would've gotten a kick out of my name

Nokuto Tofu

:-) I hear her giggling now.

- Penny
...but he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” I will rather boast most gladly of my weaknesses, in order that the power of Christ may dwell with me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)


July 2010 IDC grade 3 stage 3 er-/pr-/her2+++, BRCA2
Skin mets 11/10
1/12/11 Surgery path - complete response
Rads 2/11-4/11
Liver mets 11/11 now stage IV
Xeloda & Tykerb 12/11
Allergic reaction to Tykerb 12/11
Xeloda only 12/11
Added herceptin January 2012
Progression February 2012.
Started Veliparib (parp inhibitor) trial 3/5/12.
4/30/12 Liver met shrunk in half! Praise Jesus!
6/18/12 another 25% shrinkage, down to @3x3. Thank you, God!
8/8/12 Brain MRI - clear! Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!
8/27/12 Thank You, God - another 20% decrease in liver met! Now @ 3.2x1.9.
10/5/12 stable-ish
11/21/12 allergic reaction to carboplatin
12/10/12 stable & progression
12/31/12 liver ablation
2/6/13 ablation successful but new tiny mets in liver. May or not be cancer.
Another ablation scheduled 2/28/13. Cancelled.
2/20/13 started taxotere & herceptin. Pretty toxic. Oncologist says start tdm1 4/3/13. From her lips to God's ears. Praying for no allergic reactions/adverse side effects.
3/28/13 increase in liver mets - number & size
4/3/13 started TDM1
6/25/13 Praise God! Scan shows only one viable lesion and it's smaller.
10/8/13 MRI shows 1 large and two small tumors.
10/11/13 Ablation of tumors. It's in God's Hands.
10/23/13 Jesus and TDM1
12/19/13 Started trial of palbociclib & herceptin after scan showed growth of liver tumor and a questionable spot on rib.
2/6/14 CT scan - previous suspicious spot on rib probably damage from radiation - Praise God! MRI - over 200% growth in cancer in liver.
2/19/14 started Navelbine, Perjeta, & Herceptin combo.
5/2-5/4/14 hospitalized with very high liver function numbers, plus skin and eyes are yellow, plus urine is orange. Feel ok, so doctor not sure if liver failing due to cancer, chemo, or infection. Hospital gets numbers to go down and sends me home. MRI done in hospital reveals cancer shrinking - praise God!
5/6/14 - 5/8/14 hospitalized with no white blood cell count. Released when they go back up, @ 6 days after doctor gave me a neulasta shot.
5/16/14 - informed blood cultures done in hospital are back and that I contracted hepatitis e. Have to take ribavirin (anti-hep med) until liver function numbers are back to "normal" before re-starting chemo. Will probably go on veliparib and temodar this time.
5/26/14 - my birthday - GI doctor informed me that the hepatitis e was completely gone - I didn't even need the anti-viral meds! This is a miracle from God!
5/28/14 - started veliparib and temodar (compassionate use)
8/18/14 MRI shows 90% growth in liver tumors
8/20/14 start Perjeta, Herceptin, & Navelbine. Thanking & giving Glory to God for each moment.
9/22/14 - 9/24/14 Hospitalized with 102.2 fever and neutropenia
11/13/14 ER for high fever and fast heart rate. Got both down with IV antibiotic and fluids. Sent home same night. Thank You, Lord!
12/2/14 MRI shows progression in liver. Grateful to God that I still feel good.
12/11/14 Simulated SIR-spheres. Successful. Real thing (1st lobe) scheduled for the 23rd. Also starting Xeloda on 22nd for 2 weeks because it's synergistic with the spheres.
12/23/14 SIR-spheres in left lobe of liver. On Xeloda 12/22/14 - 1/4/15.
1/7/15 Receiving Perjeta & Herceptin while awaiting next course of action.
2/9/15 SIR-spheres in right lobe of liver. On Xeloda for 2 weeks (started 2/8). Still on Perjeta & Herceptin. Don't know what's next for me. :-)
3/25/15 Final read on MRI report - there are new and multiple lesions in both lobes of liver. Sigh. Praise God I've made it this far!
4/1/15 Started Gemzar & Herceptin. 1st week G&H, 2nd week G only, 3rd week off. Thank You, Lord, for this option.
4/15/15 Labcorp - liver enzymes in 200's. Appointment 4/22 with oncologist to discuss. Also, "radiation recall" in previously treated area? Very itchy. Need to discuss.
4/22/15 Enzymes came down. Received reduced dose of Gemzar only. No herceptin. Will get labs at lapcorp next two weeks since taking break for vacation purposes. Treat radiation area.
5/9/15 ER for severe abdominal pain. Constipation. Sent home with meds and advice to follow up with oncologist regarding jaundice and bilirubin.
5/11/15 Hospitalized for rising bilirubin and jaundice. CT scan reveals larger and more constricting tumors in liver.
5/13/15 Met with my oncologist. Bilirubin came down. If still down by Monday, I'll get chemo. If not, than I guess I'll see you all in Heaven. Praise God. Please pray, pray, pray.
5/18/15 Bilirubin jumped up. Trying lowered dose of Ixempra, with Herceptin. Oncologist is surprised that I'm functioning so well, given the high bilirubin. I have anywhere from 2 weeks - 2 months to live.
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

I am Tekuku Mitakashime. Cancer Ninjas Unite!

Gotta get that on a tee shirt!

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Old 04-15-2014, 01:13 PM   #29
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Hi my fellow warriors my Chemo Ninja name is Zumokato Toku. This is my second round with breast cancer but my first time needing chemotherapy. I happen to work part time for my Oncologist, worked full time from February 1990 until December 31, 2013. The doctors and staff are all like family and are wonderful. Tomarrow I have a port placed and Thursday I start neoadjuvant chemo with the 4 drug combo Herceptin, Perjeta, taxotere and carboplatin. Thanks for all the encouragement and help navigating the site I am so grateful.
HX: left breast IDC T1a node negative 1999. Lumpectomy, sentinel node biopsy, radiation therapy, 5 years of Tamoxifen, 1 year of Femara discontinued due to intolerance.
3/21/14 almost 15 years later abnormal mammogram 2 cm right breast mass deep in the breast by the chest wall, mammogram last year was normal. Ultra sound confirmed highly suspicious for malignancy.
3/26/14 needle biopsy proven IDC grade 3, ER+ PR+ Ki67 75%, Her 2 in process.
3/31/14 Consult with Breast Surgeon. Bilateral mastectomy discussed along with referral to plastic surgeon for planned surgery with reconstruction.
4/4/14 Her 2 +. My Oncologist explained that this is a new primary and unlike before in 1999 very aggressive. Surgery put on hold.
BRCA testing done. Results were negative for gene mutation.
4/7/14 PET CT for staging for possible neoadjuvant treatment. Results indicate 1.3 cm tumor and a positive lymph node.
4/9/14 lymph node biopsy. Pathology documented metastasis.
4/14/14 cardiac echo result Ejection Fraction 60%
4/16/14 Port placement
4/17/14 1st chemotherapy treatment
with Herceptin, Perjeta, taxotere and carboplatin.
4/18/14 1st treatment done yesterday with no events whatsoever!
4/23-4/25 Dreaded D hit really hard.
Daily visits to the Oncologists office for hydration and neupogen injections.
4/24/14 Started on Cipro for seriously low WBC count.
4/25/14 Results of blood count at MD office so low (ANC 0.08) I am hospitalized in isolation for neutropenic precautions. One treatment wiped out my immune system!
4/28/14 home recovering. 4/30/14 MD's new plan of treatment: reduced dose weekly taxotere, carboplatin, Herceptin with Perjeta every third week.
5/7/14 Cardiac echo > than 60% and the breast ultra sound showed 2 cm lymph node now only .5 cm. mass in breast is unable to be palpated!! treatment is a go.
5/9/14 Partial 2nd treatment, full dose Herceptin and Perjeta 1/3 dose taxotere and carboplatin.
5/13/14 lab check and fluid infusion.
5/14/14 Appointment with my Oncologist. The lab results are great and the dreaded "D" not as severe as 1st round. Then I mention that my left calf and foot are swollen and painful to the point of limping, could be the drugs but to be safe I had a venous doppler study. I have a clot in my left leg. It wasn't totally occluding the vessel and she really didn't want me in the hospital. Now I will be on Arixtra shots in my tummy till the chemo is complete sometime in August, 2014
5/16/14 continuation of 2nd treatment taxotere carboplatin only.
5/23/14 continuation of 2nd
treatment taxotere, carboplatin only
Amazingly no horrid "D" or nausea!!
5/28/14 visit with the oncologist, great news she can no longer feel a breast mass or the malignant lymph node Yippee!!
5/30/14 started 3rd chemotherapy cycle had full dose Heceptin, Perjeta ans 1/3 dose taxotere and carboplatin.
6/6/14 next dose of taxotere carboplatin for 3rd cycle
6/13/14 last dose taxotere carboplatin 3rd cycle
6/16/14 I am scheduled again for another breast ultrasound to see extent of response to chemotherapy. results will direct continued chemotherapy of directly to surgery!
6/20/14 tentative 4th chemotherapy cycle

"Zumokato Toku" is my Chemo Ninja Cancer Assassin name!
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Just want to let you know I Googled chemo ninja cancer assassins
and found tee-shirts. I ordered one to wear at my infusions. That will give everyone a laugh!.

12/3/13 Suspicious mam left breast, calcification
12/18/13 another mam
1/14/14 sterotatic biopsy
1/17/14 Diagnosed BC
IDC HER2 3+, grade 3/3, 0.5 cm
ER, PR negative.
2/14/14 lumpectomy, SNB, nodes negative, clear margins. Started 3/28/14 Taxol/Herceptin once a week for 12 weeks then Herceptin every three weeks for rest of year.
Radiation starts in July
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Carol Ann
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

It sure will! That's great!

July 24, 2013: "Infected" Right Nipple and benign cyst removed, pathology report revealed Paget's, DCIS, and ILC 1.25 cm, ER+/Pro+/HER2 equivocal, Grade 2 under benign cyst, previous diagnostic mammo/ultrasound said I was perfectly healthy in both breasts.

Aug 18, 2013: MRI report says Left breast is perfectly healthy "consistent with previous studies".

Sept 2013: I insist on a bilateral mastectomy anyway. Too nervewracking to let left breast remain with higher risk after 3 cancers in right, nipple in right is already gone anyhow.

Sept 18, 2013: Bilateral mastectomy, 11 right nodes removed, ALL negative BUT -- ER+/PRO+/HER2+ tumor, 1.0 cm, Grade 2 found in a piece of "grossly unremarkable" breast tissue from prophylactic mastectomy of left breast, no nodes removed.

Oct 25, 2013: 13 left side nodes removed, ALL negative, Stage 1 across the board, NO RADS needed, YAAAAY! Port also installed.

Nov 25, 2013 Begin 6 rounds TCH.

March 10, 2014 Just finished 6th and LAST Chemo today, YAAAAAY!

March 24, 2014 Echocardiogram to make sure I'm still good for Herceptin every 3 weeks.

March 31, 2014 Echo results NORMAL, first Herceptin all by itself. Now if only my eyes would stop streaming from the Taxotere ... :)

April 21, 2014 Started Arimidex and therapy for "mild" lymphedema in left hand and arm

May 2014 Therapy completed, I have sleeves and gloves for both arms, a Flexi touch lymph pump to hook up to for an hour every day, and I've become an arm bandaging expert. :)

June 2014 Begin Fosamax to prevent osteoporosis; bone scan revealed osteopenia

Nov 17, 2014 FINAL Herceptin!

Dec 4, 2014 My right thigh muscle has been extra achy for days ... I discover a blister rash cluster on the side of my right thigh while taking a shower. Port appointment cancelled until Dec 17, my doc is working me in tomorrow afternoon to see me and the rash. My muscle at least feels less achy.

Dec 5, 2014 Yep, I have shingles. Boo! I start acyclovir and also have a prescription for a painkiller just in case for over the weekend.

Dec 17, 2014 Port is OUT!

January 2016 Shingles again and this time it started where my left breast (where the hidden HER2+++ tumor was!) used to be. My onc nurse got me a same day appointment to see my doc when I called and told her I had a rash on the site. The antiviral meds are working once again, though, so that is good news. :)
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

I issued this in my earlier pass through! My ninja name is
MeiKaShiShiKiMoShi MeiMoRinKaTa
Warrior Woman!
Great idea
Sending the energy out to all of us!
Routine mammogram 12/20/2013
Call back with repeat films on12/31/2013 Ultrasound with core needle biopsy same day
Dx 1/2/2014 IDC ER/PR+
1/10/14 HER2 +
2/14/14 BRCA results negative
2/17/2014 skin & nipple sparing BMX with reconstruction Tissue expanders placed
IDC Stage 2A left breast. 9mm tumor no other CA 1/4 nodes positive
ER + PR + Her2 +(by FISH)
Right breast no cancer, sclerosing adenosis
3/13/14 Round 1 AC minimal side effects
3/27/14 Round 2 AC
4/10/14 Round 3 a little more nausea
4/24/14 round 4 hurray! Done with phase 1!
5/8/14 THP ( taxol weekly x12, Herceptin & perjeta every 3 weeks x 4)
7/24/14 done with chemo
Continue of Herceptin every 3 wks x 1 yr
5/14 start Tamoxifen x 5 years
8/18/14 removal of TEs silicone implants placed
9/14/14 Cellulitis Right Breast, suspect infected implant. Managed with Oral antibiotics, avoided surgery to remove implant. Whew!
12/17/14 nip & tuck revision of Left breast

We gain strength, courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face. The danger lies in refusing to face the fear, not in daring to come to grips with it. We must do that which we think we cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Shikijika Chimo lol cute
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Takiarika here
Visit me at www.pinkkitchen.info

7 years NED on September 19, 2014. Hooray!
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

Takuaritakiku- somehow I missed this before.
In the world of destiny, there are no statistics.
Jan. 26- mammogram and ultrasound- suspicious lump
Mid-February- lumpectomy, infiltrating ductal carcinoma ~4.5 cm and a 1 cm DCIS, did not get clear margins, did not check lymph nodes
ER+/PR+, her2 +++, nuclear grade 3 of 3
February 20-PET scan showed something on liver. No biopsy.
March- Started carboplatin, herceptin, taxol on a four week cycle
May 3- Pet scan, with intent to do a biopsy, found nothing, liver or breast- no biopsy because there is nothing to biopsy
June 21- new onc, very concerned that there had been no biopsy,
June 18th-CAT scan, bone scan-negative
August 7th - Brain MRI-negative
August 9th- mastectomy, all pathology negative
January 2008 still NED! New oncologist -herceptin for full year after chemo- until July, and tamoxifen---negative scans since May '07
July 2008-Finished Herceptin!
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Re: CHEMO NINJAS - Join Now!

I missed it too. Thank you for resurrecting the thread.

Shirimoto Teka. I like it.

2/6/09 Core needle biopsy: negative; Mammos through 2010: no change
3/30/11 Pea-sized lump in left breast at site of prior biopsy; mammo negative, sonogram not so much
4/14/11 Core needle biopsy: negative for cancer
5/18/11 Excisional biopsy 1.2 cm tumor, LVI, positive margin; ER+60%,PR+20%,HER2/CEP17 5
6/15/11 BMX: Left DCIS & LH; Right ADH; SNB: 2/3 nodes: 1.4 cm and 1 mm; ALND L1&2: 0/10; Stage IIa, Grade 3
7/14/11 CT/Bone scans NED; MUGA 66%
7/19/11 Biweekly dd AC w/Neulasta; done 8/30/11
9/13/11 Transfusion (Hemoglobin 8.6); MUGA 64%
9/20/11 Start Taxol + Herceptin; Taxol done 12/6/2011; continue Herceptin until 9/4/2012
12/27/11 Radiation - 6 weeks; 2/27/2012 - DONE! Yayyyy!
2/29/12 Start Tamoxifen 20 mg/day; continue until 2/28/17
5/16/12 Start five-years Metformin trial
6/19/12 MUGA 61%
8/21/12 Brain MRI NED (head still hurts, brain still fogged)
9/4/12 Herceptin done!
9/6/12 Port out!
7/11/13 Aricept 5mg for cognitive impairment; increased to 10mg as of 8/23/13; back to 5mg 12/2013
5/2014 Add Namenda 7mg
9/2014 Stop Aricept and Namenda; Neuropsychological evaluation
10/24/14 Start cognitive rehabilitation therapy
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