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Old 05-01-2012, 01:24 PM   #1
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Location: North Royalton, Ohio
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Herceptin - 3 more treatments to go!

Hi there! What a year! I am almost there, three more Herceptin treatments to go! June 26th will be a day of celebration!
A few questions for "experienced" survivors:
1. Has anyone experienced muscle and joint aches through out their year of Herceptin? It is one of those of those things that is so bothering me and want to know if others have felt this. If so, does it eventually go away?
2. Now that "the end" is getting near, I feel scared, my "security blanket" is being taken away. Any advice is greatly appreciated about how to move on living my life, without so much fear and in a positive frame of mind.
Thank you for your input!
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Old 05-02-2012, 04:25 AM   #2
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Re: Herceptin - 3 more treatments to go!

I experienced horrible joint pain, it was not bad when I was having chemo and herceptin but once I was getting the herceptin alone I noticed it kept getting worse. Really bad in the morning and if I sat at my desk to long at work without moving it was difficult to get up. Yes, it does get better. I am almost 6 months out of herceptin now and notice very little pain. I started to take glucosamine about 2 months ago so not sure if that contributed to it or not but it is so much better. Congratulations on almost being done. Hope those joints start feeling better soon so that you can do the happy dance. I was concerned about loosing the security blanket too but I found that on that day that would have been my herceptin treatment and I did not need to get it cuz I was done I was excited. I dont miss it and try not to worry about it. I figured I will deal with that if it happens. I find that I do look at the calendar alot and want to get to that 2 year mark since they tell me that is my most critical time for recurrence but as each day passes I tell myself I do not have cancer today and life is good. I am in Akron, we are neighbors. Good luck to you. you will do fine and will start to feel better. Darlene
DX Sept 30 2010 at the age of 49. Oh crap! 1.5 cm idc, stage 1 grade 3 er/pr+, her2+ no lymph nodes, mastectomy Oct/10. Started 6 rounds of TCH Dec/10 and will continue herceptin until Nov /11 and just started femara.
Stray kitten found my lump while I was playing with it. It is now my pet and my dog is not real happy about that.
Mammo good
last herceptin 11/21/11 YAY
reconstruction 12/09/11
Chapter closed 12/10/11, hopefully, fingers crossed
Bone scan, chest xray, clear
04/27/12 Expander removed, implant put in, ahh sigh of relief, much more comfortable
Sept 30, 2014, 4 years NED
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Old 05-02-2012, 11:09 AM   #3
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Re: Herceptin - 3 more treatments to go!

I was very anxious when I finished, was looking for any trial that I could be part of but I found that with time the anxiety decreased. I found myself thinking more about my day to day activities and less about the fear of the cancer coming back. I think we all just need time. Congratualtion on almost finishing I know the last few felt like they took forever to come and go.
dx: DCIS 6/8/10, HER 2+ 7/26/10; Stage I Age 41
Double mast w reconstruction
6 TCH w 1yr herceptin
25 radiation tx
Removal of expander on L due to infection. Tried to save it had 3 bouts of antibiotics and went to see plastic surgeon 2-3x wk to get drained. Saving it was my idea not his. But lost it anyway.
Reconstruction set for December 21st,2011
Finished chemo 12/2010
Finished Herceptin 8/26/11
Reconstruction 12/21/11
Expanders exchanged for silicon 3/19/12
Nipple reconstruction 5/18/12
Nipple tatooing- 7/9/12- All done yay!
11/22/12-Went back to get scar tissue stretched to even the outside of breast, didn't work due to it being radiated skin.
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Old 05-02-2012, 07:38 PM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: North Royalton, Ohio
Posts: 7
Re: Herceptin - 3 more treatments to go!

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, it makes me somewhat at ease. Most days it is so easy to stay strong and every once in a while that nasty little monster called fear creeps up on me. I'm sure it will take some time to get use to all of this. We are very much alike with our diagnosis except I am ER/PR-. I was also diagnosed at age 49. (Got to love being tossed right into menopause!) Thanks for you help and so funny that we live so close together!
Diagnosed 3/17/11 / Masectomy 4/5/11
ER/PR- Her2+ Stage 1b/2a - Gr. 3
Clean lymph nodes
May 2011 - 4 rounds A/C followed by 12 weeks Taxol & Herceptin - finished chemo. Sept. 2011
After chemo, continue Herceptin until June 2012.
11/1/11 - removed my other breast - everything was clear - thank God!
1/23/12 - exchanged expanders for silicone implants.
5/11/12 - final reconstruction.
Due to finish Herceptin - 6/26/12!
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Re: Herceptin - 3 more treatments to go!

Congratulations on being almost through with your Herceptin. I was also diagnosed at 49.

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