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Herceptin dosage

Hi everyone

My first post and question

Does Herceptin dosage have to be increased when you gain weight. Dosage is calculated according to your weight. What happens when you gradually gain about 7 kg ( 14 pounds) in 12 months of treatment.

Appreciate your help

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Re: Herceptin dosage

They usually adjust it after 10% gain or loss of weight. At least that is what I was told . I have been losing weight and the dr commented that because I had lost over 10%, they were going to lower it.
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Herceptin- reducing treatments , due to s/e, to 5-6 a year
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Re: Herceptin dosage

Hi Thank you Lauriesh. Very helpful answer.
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Re: Herceptin dosage

Yes, it is weight based....although mine never got adjusted with my weight gain after chemo(when I was receiving it alone) which I am not happy about!! Although my weight went from 52kg to 56kg, not a 10% change.....it still makes me mad that when I had gained weight I didn't get more of the drug like I should have.

Best of luck!
38 years old!

January 17th 2014-mammo, ultrasound, biopsy
January 20th 2014- diagnosed, ER/PR+, Her2+++, Stage 2A
January 21st 2014-MRI, right breast only plus lymph nodes
January 23rd 2014- Pet scan-2 cm tumor, 3 lymph nodes
February 4th 2014-port insertion
February 12th 2014-first chemo treatment(TCHP x6 cycles)
May 28th 2014-LAST chemo treatment!!
July 10th 2014-double mastectomy
July 29th 2014-start radiation(30)
Sept. 11th 2014last radiation treatment!!!
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January 20 2015-reconstruction begins, lat flap
February 4 2015-last Herceptin treatment!!
April 24, 2015- pet scan-NED!!
June 3 2015- exchange surgery, port removed!!
September 8 2015-hysterectomy/oophorectomy
September 15 2015-Revision of lat flap reconstruction
December 23 2015-nipple reconstruction
May 9th 2016-Mets to pituitary gland, liver and C7 vertebrae
May 10th-port put back in:(
May 17th- biopsy of mass on back
May 19th-started Herceptin/Perjeta
May 20th-5 treatments Cyberknife to pituitary gland tumor
June 9th-Started THP (will have 6 cycles)
August 17th-MRI of brain, significant reduction in tumor
😃, repeat MRI in 3 months. Received first Zometa
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