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Clinical Trial LCC0418 Phase II

This trial is only done at Chapel Hill only. The're going to take out my dendritic cells and incubate them with tumor cells that overexpress Her-2/neu. It wil make my dendtric cells smarter then make a vaccine out of it.

They will add the vacinne and Vinorelbine to my currnent treatment. (Herceptin, Tykerb and Zometa

I would like to hear from those that have been thru this trial or if you knew someone..

email: chenry5@ec.rr.com
Aug 07: 2 tumors 5cm and 2cm in R Breast. Hormone+/Her2+. R Mastectomy and 17 of 21 Lymph nodes positive.
TX: chemo, A/C and Taxotere
Mar08: Radiation 33 days. Herceptin 1yr.
Arimedex Daily for life.
R arm Lymphadema. July 09: Pet scan. finds tumor in L shoulder blade (scapula)
Treatment: Zometa IV Monthly, Monitor growth markers and Bone scans.
The Dr.'s will check markers to Oncologist: Dr. Muss @UNC & Dr. Cho CCHC New Bern NC.
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Re: Clinical Trial LCC0418 Phase II

I am not on this therapy but I'm actually a PhD in Immunology and stage IV breast cancer warrior myself- and can say that it is great that you are enrolling in this therapy. I've studied dendritic cells in my research and I know for a fact that this therapy has a lot of potential. It would be a great break through if it can help in breast cancer, I will pray that those little dendritic cells get fully primed against those nasty cancer antigens and then they go on to kill the cells in your body.

As a former researcher myself (I left science to spend time home with my family), it brings me such joy to know that there are people like you out there to help test and prove that immunotherapy is a valuable tool in the fight against cancer.
Aug 2010: diagnosed stage 3b, 4 mo. after birth of son. 29 yrs old and breastfeeding, ER/PR-, Her-2+ started Neoadjuvant therapy: 4x FEC, 10x abraxane & Herceptin
Feb 2011: L mx with recon. Path. showed only DCIS but 4/10+ nodes.
March 2011: 6 wks rads.
Mother passed, lower back pain.
Late May 2011: Bone mets but organs clear; Tykerb, Xeloda, Xgeva. Stopped Herceptin. Implant infected: removed implant.
October 2011: Bone progression; Gemzar and Carboplatin & restarted Herceptin.
Jan 2012: Progression, re-classified as ER+; Tykerb, Herceptin, Zoladex & Femara. Anti-E is working!
May 2012: ovaries out, markers stable but elevated. Cont. Herceptin, Tykerb, Xgeva & Femara.
Dec 2012: aromasin
Jan 2013: faslodex, herceptin, tykerb
Jun: Kadcyla
Aug: Rads to hip, then Perjeta, Herceptin & Taxotere
Nov 2013: Perjeta, Herceptin, Halaven
Early 2014: Affinitor, Aromasin, Perjeta, Herceptin.
June 2014: Estradiol, Perjeta, Herceptin
Aug 14: Tamoxofin, H & P
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