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Old 01-28-2011, 11:06 PM   #1
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Another "cancer free" celebration.....


Note the wise commenter:
Chryssieat 1-29-2011

I find the headline here totally misleading. I too wasdiagnosed with breats cancer, had surgery etc last year and yes, I have a mammogram and its not detecting a detactable breast cancer and yes, I have an MRI which is not detecting any cancer cells in my body - BUT can I claim to be cancer free? No. This is because mammograms can miss detecting a high pervcentage of tumours especially in dense breast tissue - up to 60%. And breast cancer can spread from a single cell and pop up anywhere else in the body - withing a year, 2, 3, 4, 5 or een 10 years later. So I have to be realistic and consider my cancer not "gone" but undetectable at the moment for many reasons, only one of which might be that I have beaten it. Its a systemtic disease I'm afraid. Its undetectable and/or in remission, but I am certain rogue cancer cells remain in the body. So i find headline like this one only months after someone has ended their treatment hopelessly wrong.

Mom's treatment history (link)
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Re: Another "cancer free" celebration.....

And that's why most of us use the "NED" acronym to simply say we currently have "no evidence of disease" - as much as I desperately want to be "cured", realistically I feel that isn't how I can look at my own situation.
Joni -64 yrs old -
3/01/10: found lump in rt.breast
3/12/10: mammogram/ultrasnd/biopsy-invasive bc & DCIS; 2 tumors (2cm er-/pr-/HER2-& 1.8 cm er-/pr-/HER2+); grade 3;poorly differentiated
3/24/10:sent.node biopsy clear
3/31/10:bi-lateral mx.;atypical ductal hyperplasia-lft side
4/21/10:wound revision-infection/scarring 4/28/10:seromas both sides
5/21/10:port installed,TCH chemo (6 x 3 wks); Herc,-1yr; 33 rad tx after chemo
07/2010: port not working-2nd port didnt'work;3rd port opposite side.
07/2010: 2 weeks after 3rd port surgery, threw 3 pulm. emboli-IVC filter installed; warfarin
08/2010: hospitalizations w/3 of chemos; decision to stop after 4th-on to radiation in Oct 2010;Herc cont.
12/03/2010 - finished 33 rads Hooray!! cont. Herc. every 3 wks
4/2011 - pneumonia ??? Nope-radiation pneumonitis. No more Herc.
5/2011 - NED!!! port out.
8/2011 - clean PET & CT scans.Still NED
7/2012 - Still NED/very blessed.
2/2013 - 6 mos checkup-all clear. CA2729 down frm 13 to 11.
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Old 02-08-2011, 09:27 AM   #3
Mary L
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Re: Another "cancer free" celebration.....

My onc considers me in a remission. Is that a correct term? Mary L
Mary L from PA Diag: Oct 2003 w/6mm mass, IDC grade III ductal carcinoma in-situ, IBC stage IIIB. tx A/C followed by Taxotere(only able to have 2 tx, allergic), mastectomy, 3 0ut of 7 positive nodes. 35 rads. Recurrence 9 months later, skin mets to mastectomy site. Tx Carboplatin/Herceptin. Stayed on Herceptin almost 5 years, had 3 more recurrences when I had to stop Herceptin due to my ejection fraction getting too low. Herceptin stopped and ned 3 years in Oct. 2010.
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