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My Story

It started on a Tuesday in March, I got out of bed and for some reason my right breast hurt, so I felt it and boom out of the blue there was a big lump. I called mom right away (don't we always) and said, I might be in trouble, I found a lump, she said to right to the doctor...I said no I have my first mamogram on Thursday, 2 days from today. So I went to the mamogram and told the tech where the lump was, they took some extra pictures and I went home. My doctor called and said she wanted an Ultrasound down. so the next week I had the Ultrasound done. They sent that to my doc, and the doc sent me right to a surgeon. They all said, most likely not cancer, because it is a big mass and it is painfull, so lets just take it out. Sounds good to me. Had surgery in April, a week later, the doc said, CANCER, the cancer was behind the B9 lump.

This was done at a local hospital and I had to go back to the surgeon to go over the next step, well I took my girlfreind who is an RN and a BC survivor. Thank God I did, the surgeon was not able to do a senitanal node biopsy, so my freind said, fine we are going to Boston. Went to Mass General and had the 2nd surgery to clean the margins and do the SNB. Got out of surgery with no node involement and clean Margins. I was er/pr+ and Her2Neu++.
Had 4 rounds of A/C, than 12 weekly taxol and herceptin. Just finished that on November 16th 2005. I still have to go through 6 weeks of radiation and 40 weeks of herceptin.

I will say that it has been a road. I don't think I have cried yet, or let it get me down, for some reason I just know in my heart I will be fine. I did very good with a/c and taxol/herceptin. I'm thankful for this as I know many woman get real sick and have BC worse than me and my heart goes out to all of you.

I dont' know what the future will bring with me, but right now I'm just glad to be alive and doing well.

May we someday soon find the cure for this Beast and save all of our sisters!

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