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Old 11-20-2004, 07:40 PM   #1
Sandy H.
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Dx. Mar. 01
IBC Stage 111b, Her2 pos. ER/PR neg. 44 pos. nodes
Prognose we won't go there!
Adm/Taxotere 4 Tx.
Rt. Mod. Rad. Mastectomy, skin graft to chest wall
Lt. simple Mastectomy,
skin mets recurred around skin graft before radiation started,
5 radiation tx. skin mets on rampaged, went back into chemo.
Herceptin/Taxol 5 tx. all clear
Bone/cat scans clean
5 months later skin mets recurred, Herceptin/Navelbine unsuccessful,
Herceptin/Xeloda unsuccesful, Miltex (topical solution from Germany under compassionate program) worked but I felt we waited too long skin mets out of control 8 months later back on Herceptin/Taxol and Carboplatin 12 weekly tx. all clear again, scans all clear as well.
4 months skin mets recurred, back on Herceptin/Taxol and Carboplatin. 12 weekly tx. all clear again.
Here it is Nov. 2004 NED will have scans next month.
It has been a rollar coaster ride and I don't like rollar coasters, but I just held on and kept going. This has truly been a miracle never thought I would see 3 birthdays, almost 4 now, 4 anniversaries (married 30 years) Thanksgivings, Christmas and sons birthdays. I live one day at a time. Joined a local BC organization, local church, do church newsletter, support BC people on phone, help all kinds of people, my life is so busy I am called "The Professional Rode Runner". I hope this inspires others to never give up, find peace, and a mission to keep going. God Bless you all in this journey.
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