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I have been taking Herceptin in combination with Navelbine weekly for 6 months with very good results. I also get Zometa monthly. My liver lesion is gone and bone mets showing much improvement.

Here's my story. I hope it helps someone else. In 1999 diagnosed with breast cancer after finished nursing my third child. I had a modified radical mastectomy and axillary node dissection. I had 36 nodes out and 20 of them postive cancer. I was ER+ and Her2Neu positive. I was put in a study and received high dose chemo. administered every other week for 18 weeks-Adria. followed by Taxol followed by Cytoxin. This was very difficult treatment but we were hoping for a cure. I had 25 doses of radiation of chest area and lymph node area. I went on tamoxifen. This put me in remission for about 3 years. Oct. 2002 diagnosed with bone mets. I went off tamoxifen and got my period. I was supposedly in chemo. induced menopause. Return of ovarian function believed to be related to onset of mets.
Dec. 2002 - Feb. 2004 I tried Aromasin and Zoladex. (Had ovaries removed in July 2003 because Zoladex did not work for me!) Cancer slowly progressed during this time frame so we moved on to chemo. I was lucky enough to get to try Herceptin and Navelbine which has been working for me and I have had NO side effects to speak of. No one would guess I have cancer again.
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