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Diet and Nutrition By popular demand our nutritional message board. This board will be monitored by a Registered RD who is certified in oncology by the American Dietetic Association

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Red face How many days after chemo treatment can I take probiotic?

I plan to take probiotics during chemo, but I know I have to wait a few days. I've heard 3 to 5 after infusion....is this ok??
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Re: How many days after chemo treatment can I take probiotic?

Personally, I would ask your doctor. I would not do anything to compromise the effectiveness of chemo.
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August 2012, CT of chest and abdomen, all ok
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January 31, 2013, Mayo visit, Echo normal
February 23, 2014, Numb lips on right side, Brain MRI, normal!
June, 2015, Finished the trial at Mayo Clinic. Feels good!
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Aussie Girl
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Re: How many days after chemo treatment can I take probiotic?

You'll have to ask your doctor. Your immunity is lowest between day 7 and day 10.

As far as I know probiotics are currently being studied but their value is not yet known in cancer patients. I suspect they would be fine taken day 11 to 20 but this is only a guess.

Aussie Girl
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4 July '13: Left Mastectomy
12 August '13: Commenced TCH chemo
Mid December '13 : TCH finished. Herceptin continuing three weekly.
4 August 2014- Herceptin infusions finished.
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Re: How many days after chemo treatment can I take probiotic?

The pharmacists at CINJ reviewed my entire supplement list before I started chemo. I just checked my records, and although I removed many from my list, I took probiotics daily throughout chemo with no ill effect.

My understanding is that you should avoid Saccharomyces boulardii like the plague when your immune system isn't up to par, but I'm pretty sure other commercially available probiotics are okay. I took Jarrow EPS, Trader Darwin's and Primadophilus Optima (alternating), and I ate a lot of (greek) yogurt and kefir.

As mentioned, you need to double check with your onc. I didn't have a typical response to chemo (in terms of side effects) or even to one of the supplements I took (the study was published when I was done, so I didn't know just how bad the results were until a year after I finished chemo), so my experience may be different from what you will have. Also, I was given Neulasta after every round of chemo, so my counts never went down until the final round (and we don't know why the final injection failed, although I believe it may have been user--i.e., me--error). Even then, though, I had no problem with the probiotics.

2/6/09 Core needle biopsy: negative; Mammos through 2010: no change
3/30/11 Pea-sized lump in left breast at site of prior biopsy; mammo negative, sonogram not so much
4/14/11 Core needle biopsy: negative for cancer
5/18/11 Excisional biopsy 1.2 cm tumor, LVI, positive margin; ER+60%,PR+20%,HER2/CEP17 5
6/15/11 BMX: Left DCIS & LH; Right ADH; SNB: 2/3 nodes: 1.4 cm and 1 mm; ALND L1&2: 0/10; Stage IIa, Grade 3
7/14/11 CT/Bone scans NED; MUGA 66%
7/19/11 Biweekly dd AC w/Neulasta; done 8/30/11
9/13/11 Transfusion (Hemoglobin 8.6); MUGA 64%
9/20/11 Start Taxol + Herceptin; Taxol done 12/6/2011; continue Herceptin until 9/4/2012
12/27/11 Radiation - 6 weeks; 2/27/2012 - DONE! Yayyyy!
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5/16/12 Start five-years Metformin trial
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Re: How many days after chemo treatment can I take probiotic?

It is best to check with your oncologist but we do not typically restrict probiotic use unless neutropenia becomes severe.

Registered Dietitian
Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition
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