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Events and Social Calendar Post events which will be of interest to our members no matter how large or small. You may also add them to our calendar as an additional reminder.

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Old 09-06-2008, 01:15 PM   #1
Founder - HER2 Support Group
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Annual October Survivors Champagne Brunch

Once again I am hosting a Sunday Champagne Brunch to all members who are in Southern California in October. All bc survivors and their caregivers are invited.

The date and locations are flexible. Anywhere in San Diego, Orange or Riverside county will be acceptable.

Please RSVP christine@her2support.org so that we can get an accurate head count.

1990, July DX 1.1cm er-, pr-
Lumpectomy, 5U4, radiation
1999, June mets to chest and brain
HER2 3+++, er- pr-
AC, Taxol, Herceptin, Gamma Knife (3 treatments) WBR
NED July 2001
December 2001 - Founded HER2 Support Group
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Old 09-27-2008, 01:03 PM   #2
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Hi Christine,
I tried to email on the link provided and it would not go through.
I would love to come to lunch in October. I work weekends so I need as much advance notice as possible.
I also want to congradulate you on your recent scans!!!
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Old 09-14-2011, 05:48 AM   #3
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Re: Annual October Survivors Champagne Brunch

I am recently diagnosed (four months ago, had mastectomy/lymphectomy three months ago, and started chemo two months ago). I want to personally thank you for starting this support group online. As others have posted, this is a far far better support group than any other anywhere. You are an angel to have done this for me and so many others. may God hold you always in the palm of Her hand and keep you safe and happy.
fall 2008: mammo of rt breast worrisome so am asked to redo mammo and have ultrasound of rt breast.I delay it til january 2009 and the results are "no cancer in rt breast. phew."
found plum sized lump in right breast the day before my dad died: April 17th 2011. saw it in mirror, while i was wearing a top, examining my figure after losing 10 lbs on dr. bernstein diet.
diagnosed may 10 2011

mast/lymphectomy: june 7 2011, 5/20 cancerous nodes. stage 3a before radiation oncologist during our first mtg on july 15th says he found cancer on the lymph node of my breast bone. Now stage 3b.
her2+++, EN-, PN-. Rt brst tumors:3 at onset, 4.5 cm was the big one
chemos: 3fec's followed by 3 taxotere, total of 18 wks chemo. sept: halfway thru chemo the mastectomy scar decides to open and ooze pus. (not healed before chemo) eventually with canasten powder sent by friend in ny (illegal in canada) it heals.
radiations:although scheduled to begin 25 january 2012, I am so terrified by it (rads cause other cancers) I don't start til february, miss a bunch, reschedule them all and finally finish 35 rads mid april. reason for 7 extra atop the 28 scheduled is that when i first met my rads oncologist he said he saw a tumor on the lymph node of my breastbone. extra 7 are special kind of beam used for that lymphnode. rads onc tells me nobody ever took so long to do rads so he cannot speak for effectiveness. trials had been done only on consecutive days so......we'll see.....
10 mos of herceptin started 6 wks into chemo. canadian onc says 10 mos is just as effective as the full yr recommended by dr. slamon......so we'll see..completed july 2012.
Sept 18 2012: reconstruction and 3 drains. fails. i wear antibiotic pouch on my job for two months and have 60 consecutive days visiting a nursing centre where they apply burn victims' silver paper and clean the oozing infection daily. silicone leaks out daily. plastic surgeon in caribbean. emergency dept wont remove "his" work. He finally appears and orders me in into an emergency removal of implant. I make him promise no drains and I get my way. No infection as a result. Chest looks like a map of Brazil. Had a perfectly good left breast on Sept 17th but surgeon wanted to "save another woman an operation" ? so he had crashed two operations together on my left breast, foregoing the intermediary operation where you install an expander. the first surgeon a year earlier had flat out refused to waste five hours on his feet taking both boobs. flat out refusal. between the canadian health system saving money and both these asses, I got screwed. who knows when i can next get enough time off work (i work for myself and have no substitute when my husband is on contract) to get boobs again. arrrgh.

I have a blog where I document this trip and vent.
www.nora'scancerblog.blogspot.com . I stopped the blog before radiation. I think the steroids made me more angry and depressed and i just hated reading it anymore
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