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Follow up after breast cancer treatment

I was diagnosed in Sept. 2015 with stage 2 ductual carcinoma HER2+++ breast cancer with two lumpectomies, chemo, radiation and Herceptin for a year. I had a very bad oncologist who wouldn't listen and I ended up having a mini stroke. Thankfully no permanent damage. I refused Arimidex because it was the same type of drug that I was prescribed in my forties called Lupron that destroyed my immune system and caused Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and ruined my life. So my oncologist sent me back to my family doctor and only said get breast exam every six months and mammogram yearly. Because everyone in my family has died from their cancer, I stress about the cancer coming back and I would feel better if I had a MRI or pet scan yearly to check for reoccurence.

I would like to know what follow up treatment everyone else is getting to check for reoccurence. I am in Ontario Canada. Thanks.
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Re: Follow up after breast cancer treatment


Annual check up, in my area of Scotland, is physical exam & a mammogram.
I'm stage 4 so treatment ongoing but if I was only checked annually I would want at least a CT and bone scan.

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Donna H
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Re: Follow up after breast cancer treatment

I am almost 4 years since DX and have graduated to annual mammograms. No other tests or scans unless there is a reason to - symptoms of some sort. I see my MO every 6 months but only because I get Prolia shots at her office. Otherwise it would be an annual visit at this point. I no longer see my radiation onc.
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Re: Follow up after breast cancer treatment

Silver Granny,

Much like you, a lot of cancer in my family. Mother had breast, Father died of prostate, my brother just diagnosed with prostate and many aunts and uncles on both sides died of cancer. I am 8 years out from stage 3. I see my onc every six months. I absolutely insist with my family history that we keep that schedule. I see my breast surgeon once a year and my radiation oncologist once a year, so virtually I see someone every 3 months and I like it this way and feel safer. All of my docs do not do any diagnostics beyond blood work, but all I need do is complain of a symptom and they are very quick to order a test. I am at a teaching hospital.
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