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trial of resveratrol closer

Coming soon, a `wine` drug that fights ageing, diabetes and cancer

London, Aug 10: A drug, which holds back the clock of ageing and halts the onset of diabetes, cancer and heart disease, may hit market shelves in another five years, researchers have claimed.

According to the scientists, the magical drug can be used to prevent Alzheimer's and can also reinvigorate patients giving them more stamina.

The drug is made up of chemicals that mimic resveratrol, a compound which is found in the skins of red grapes.

Earlier studies have shown that resveratrol cuts the impact of a high-fat diet, doubles stamina and extends lifespan in mice.

However, to get the same benefits, a human would have to drink around 1,000 bottles of wine.

Now, Sirtris, a pharmaceutical firm has developed a pill based on two chemicals that act in the same way.

In one study on mice, which was published last year, the drug was found to undo diabetes' symptoms.

The first clinical trials on humans are now under way, and the developers - Sirtris Pharmaceuticals - believe it could also help prevent diseases including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

"The excitement here is that we're not talking about red wine any more. We're talking about real drugs. We will make a drug to treat one disease but it will, as an added bonus, protect you against most of the other diseases of the Western world. One of the drawbacks of resveratrol is that the doses need to be large," The Daily Mail quoted David Sinclair, co-founder of Sirtris, as saying.

"Now this paper says you can reduce it into a little pill taken once a day. The chances of success in humans is estimated at 80 to 90 percent," he added.

David's researchers have tested around 500,000 molecules to find those that would have the same effect as resveratrol on genes known to control the ageing process.

The same results were seen in two studies, which were conducted on mice and one of rats.

Another study, which was conducted last month, showed that mice fed resveratrol had strong bones, healthier hearts, better balance and co-ordination, and fewer cataracts than those not given the compound. It also helped them live longer if they had a high-calorie diet.
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I see resveratrol on the shelves at Walgreens. Probably not a very strong dose, eh?

Mom's treatment history (link)
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Rev mimic the same chemical that is produced by your body when you are fasting..

Remember that in an another post and a recent study showed that in fasting mice (after 2 days fast) chemotherapy hardly affected their normal cells but only their cancer cells..and that somewhat the process of fasting protected them from the harsh treatment..

put 2 and 2 together..

35 y/o
June 06: BC stage I
Grade 3; ER/PR neg
Her-2+++; lumpectomies

Aug 06: Stage IV
liver mets: 6 tumours
July 06 to Jan 07: 2*FEC+6*Taxotere; 3*TACE; LITT
March 07- Sept 07: Vaccination trial (phase 2, peptide based) at the UW (Seattle).
Herceptin since 2006
NED til Oct 09
Recurrence Oct 2009: to internal mammary gland since October 2009 missed on Oct and March 2010 scan.. palpable nodes in May 2010 when I realised..
Nov 2011:7 mets to lungs progressing fast failed hercp/tykerb/xeloda combo..

superior vena cava blocked: stent but face remains puffy

April 2012: Teresa Trial, randomised to TDM1
Nov 2012 progressing on TDM1
Dec 2012 blockage of my airways by tumours, obliteration of these blocking tumours breathing better but hoping for more- at mo too many tumours to count in the lungs and nodes.

Dec 2012 Starting new trial S-222611 phase 1b dual egfr her2+ inhibitor.

'Under no circumstances should you lose hope..' Dalai Lama

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Re: trial of resveratrol closer

my friends doctor at sloan kettering said to take the over the counter supplement since he said cancer can't live with that supplement.
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Re: trial of resveratrol closer

1000 bottles of wine, that's a lot of wine. think of how much chocolate you'd need to adquately pair it.

But, I've been following news on resveratrol for some years and would be interested to see what the equivalent dose actually is!
Chris in Scotts Valley
June 2002 extensive hi grade DCIS (pre-cancer-stage 0, clean sentinal node) Mastectomy/implant - no chemo, rads. "cured?"
9/2004 Diag: Stage IV extensive liver mets (!) ER/PR- Her2+++
10/04-3/05 Weekly Taxol/Carboplatin/Herceptin , complete response!
04/05 - 4/07 Herception every 3 wks, Continue NED
04/07 - recurrence to liver - 2 spots, starting tykerb/avastin trial
06/07 8/07 10/07 Scans show stable, continue on Tykerb/Avastin
01/08 Progression in liver
02/08 Begin (TDM1) trial
08/08 NED! It's Working! Continue on TDM1
02/09 Continue NED
02/10 Continue NED. 5/10 9/10 Scans NED 10/10 Scans NED
12/10 Scans not clear....4/11 Scans suggest progression 6/11 progression confirmed in liver
07/11 - 11/11 Herceptin/Xeloda -not working:(
12/11 Begin MM302 Phase I trial - bust:(
03/12 3rd times the charm? AKT trial

5/12 Scan shows reduction! 7/12 More reduction!!!!
8/12 Whoops...progression...trying for Perjeta/Herceptin (plus some more nasty chemo!)
9/12 Start Perjeta/Herceptin, chemo on hold due to infection/wound in leg, added on cycle 2 &3
11/12 Poops! progression in liver, Stop Perjeta/Taxo/Herc
11/12 Navelbine/Herce[ptin - try for a 3 cycles, no go.
2/13 Gemzar/Carbo/Herceptin - no go.
3/13 TACE procedure
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Re: trial of resveratrol closer

I used this during my radiations i heard you can not used during chemo but as an every day maintenance after chemo is good. And aids is radiation to work.
Oct 2009 Masectomy 6 cm Tumor . Sentinal node biopsy , Node Positive . Her2 + er/pr -.
Nov 2009 X3 Taxane and Herceptin, X3 FEC
March 2010 25 Rads
March 2010 continued on Herception untill 16 Dec 2010
May 2010 Ultra Sound .... ALL CLEAR... NED
August 2010 started vaccine trial University of Washington
7th Dec 2010 finished vaccine trial
20th Dec 2010 Port removed
3rd Feb no longer ned brain mets
23r Feb start VMAT radiation
August 2011 two new mets to brain and others starting to grow again !!!!
August start tykerb and xeloda
Dec 1 MRI all small brain mets gone. Largest shrunk by 50% only three small ones to go 17mm,8mm,6mm. Mets on there way out. Yeah
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