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Subcute Herceptin

Hello everyone,

I received my first subcutaneous Herceptin today. The total time of admininstering the shot was 3 minutes 20 seconds. Easy peasy. I happen to be the first patient to receive subcute H at my cancer treatment center. The nurse were pretty excited to administer it. I joked about being happy to be their test subject. There was an initial sting when going in but that was it.

Please ask your cancer center about obtaining the Subcute H if Herceptin is the only cancer medication you have to take. There is no subcute perjeta or kadcyla at this point in time. But who knows what the future will bring. Europe and Australia has had subcute H for some time. Finally, the USA now has access. I am thankful for my health insurance.

Total time from calling me back from the waiting lobby to leaving my room was 35 minutes. The long wait to receive my infusion certainly impacted my mood. Whereas, I felt grateful to have access to the medication that is keeping my metastatic disease in check, waiting for 2-3 hours every three weeks for the medicaiton to be mixed, labs to be drawn, and for the medication to be pumped through my port was impacting my mood more than I was willing to admit. You don't know how sad you feel until you feel a moment of lightness.

Who knew I would leave the cancer center today kicking up my heels. Woo hoo.

Have a good day all. I wish peace for all of us.

10/11 IBC Stage IV; 1 liver met 4.6 cm.
10/11-2/12 TCH for 6 rounds
3/12 Right MRM
5/12-7/12 33 Radiation treatments
8/1/12 Started Perjeta along with the Herceptin
10/12 Scans said NED for first time
5/15 UWSeattle Vaccine Trial 3 months
12/16 Scans still show NED. Herceptin and Perjeta continue indef.
8/17 Taken off Perjeta;staying on Herceptin. Still NEAD.
3/18 Still NEAD
8/19 Now on Subcutaneous Herceptin

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Re: Subcute Herceptin

That's awesome! I understand completely since I've been on herceptin for 9 years. Will need to check with my oncologist.
12/2006 right lumpectomy - HER2-Stage 1
A/C x 4
Herceptin - one year
6/2010 - Stage 4 - lung and skin mets
Lung resection
TCH x 6
12/2010 - right mastectomy
On Herceptin
Scans every six months
11/2013 - stable continue to watch spot on lung
Continue on Herceptin
6/2016 - 6 years Stage 4 - stable - continue Herceptin
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Old 10-28-2019, 08:27 AM   #3
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Re: Subcute Herceptin

Hi Jackie;

My center here in Miami just started subcutaneous Herceptin also. I am going to give it a try at the end of November. Please keep us posted on your experience. After 16 year of every 3 weeks IV Herceptin, and the 2-3hrs that sometimes takes, I totally jazzed about the thought of maybe breezing in and out in 30 minutes.
April 2004 de novo metastatic left breast 1.5cm her2++,er+/pr+ with 2 small liver mets
weekly taxotere,herceptin, xeloda
Sept 2004 NED-3 herceptin, zoladex,aromasin
Dec 2006 recurrence in liver
Feb. 2007 liver resection left lobe removed-herceptin, zoladex, switch to Arimidex
NED 16 months added zometa
May 2008 new lesion in liver 15mm Tykerb/Xeloda/Herceptin
July 2008 stable...yeah!
Sept 2008 NED again !!!
Jan 2009 fell off the wagon again spot back in the liver and fell out of menopause.
Feb 2009 RFA and 2nd liver resection to remove spot ---back on the NED wagon again continue Tykerb, Herceptin.
March 2009- oophrectomy added Femara and bi-annual Zometa
May 2009- scans clear but suspect lung nodule
June 2009- Lung VAT wedge resection to remove nodule---fungus ball not cancer!! phew
Aug 2009- NED
Nov 2009-scans again clear YAHOO!
March 2010- scans clear continue Tykerb, Herceptin, Femara, Zometa Q6mo
Nov 2009-Nov 2019 scans clear done every 6 months

Miracles do happen
Stage IV 15 years last 10+ NED
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