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Old 07-09-2004, 04:03 AM   #1
Debbie Laxague
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Well darn. I had my screening appointment made to enter the dHER2 vaccine trial at the Greenbrae California site. They were enrolling the third group - the highest vaccine dose. I'd sent all my records and been accepted " pending screening. They just called to say that GSK has made the decision to stop enrollment in all the centers that did not have ""currently enrolled"" participants - I think that means the ones who were slower to accrue participants" as I know UofW has already completed the trial.

Although not enthused about the travel involved (five hour drive one-way) I was enthused about doing the vaccine trial " on two fronts - the selfish ""I might benefit"" one" " and the more altruistic ""help research"" one.

I lost the Herceptin toss at randomization into NSABP's B-31" and I was beginning to look at the dHER2 trial as a compensation for that.

Maybe there will be more trials? Improved vaccines? I think I'd qualify for the HER2 DNA one in Seattle but that's a far distance from me. Andrea do you know what's in the planning stages?

Debbie Laxague
(Hi Esther!)

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Old 07-12-2004, 08:42 AM   #2
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Are you sure they're closing? From what you've shared it sounds like they need to submit the safety data of the previous dose to the FDA before they accrue at a later date higher dose. You may want to clarify.........

I'm sure you could fly to Seattle in less than 5 hours!
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