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Smile Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

Can someone update me on any findings about the
effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?
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Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

I think we're supposed to avoid Soy when Her2+ but cant remember where I got the information. Maybe it was on this website. Someone will be along soon who knows more about it I am sure.
Delaney, dx 2008 lumpectomy,mastectomy,a/c,paxitaxol, tyverb 1 yr.
dx 2010 mets lymph nodes, skin, lung. start taxotere/herceptin.
Stopped taxtere/herceptin, now on tyverb/xeloda.
Lung mets shrinking.
Back on Herceptin with T/X. Partial response.
Skin mets progressing. Radiation scheduled mid february 2011.
Spot found on hip - radiation to hip beginning mid February 2011.
Now trying Gemzar/Tyverb/Herceptin and Zometa.
CT scan Feb 2011 - lung clear!
Brain mets (specks) - radiation mid Feb.
Brain Scan June'11 - Clear
CT Scan June'11 - Good - skin met active - watch and wait.
Surgery to remove skin met. Surgery to back 2012, four titanium rods inserted. Skin mets reappear. On Navelbine, not working. 4 week washout, start Myocet for skin and lung mets August 2012. Brain scan clear despte intermittent blurry vision (something hiding? Am suspicious but hopeful. )On we go, glad to be here.
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Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

I've always heard if we are Her2 pos to avoid soy. However now there was a recent study saying that soy helps prevent recurrence. But for now...I'm not buying it...I will continue to avoid soy as much as possible. Hopefully Becky or someone that is well informed will chime in here?

DX: 12-20-05 - Stage IIIA, Her2/Neu, 3+++,Er & Pr weakly positive, 5 of 16 pos nodes.
Rt. MRM on 1-3-06 -- No Rads due to compromised lungs.
Chemo started 2-7-06 -- TCH - - Finished 6-12-06
Finished yr of wkly herceptin 3-19-07
3-15-07 Lt side prophylactic simple mastectomy. -- Ooph 4-05-07
9-21-09 PET/CT "Recurrence" to Rt. axllia, Rt. femur, ilium. Possible Sacrum & liver? Now stage IV.
9-28-09 Loading dose of Herceptin & started Zometa
9-29-09 Power Port Placement
10-24-09 Mass 6.4 x 4.7 cm on Rt. femur head.
11-19-09 RT. Femur surgery - Rod placed
12-7-09 Navelbine added to Herceptin/Zometa.
3-23-10 Ten days of rads to RT femur. Completed.
4-05-10 Quit Navelbine--Herceptin/Zometa alone.
5-4-10 Appt. with Dr. Slamon to see what is next? Waiting on FISH results from femur biopsy.
Results to FISH was unsuccessful--this happens less then 2% of the time.
7-7-10 Recurrence to RT axilla again. Back to UCLA for options.
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Wink Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

Tanya? Please feel free to chime in with your opinion or share the latest research findings with us.
The latest I read was that whole soyfoods like fresh soybeans (edamane) are okay, but processed soy is not okay.
I wonder about Asian women? They eat alot more soy than western women do, but they get much less breast cancer. I think studies have shown that Asian women who immigrate to the west and who adapt a western diet get more breast cancer than Asian women who stay in Asia and eat an Asian diet get.
12 years and counting
Lucky 13 !! I hope so !!!!!!
14 Year Survivor
"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have." author unknown
Shared by a multiple myeloma survivor.
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Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

Soy contains phytoestrogens and the jury is out whether it should or shouldn't be avoided if one has hormone positive cancer but I know there is nothing in the literature about Her2+ cancer. Saying that the Her2+ is also ER and PR negative.

I am PR neg but moderately ER+. Soy had never been a big part of my life but if I go to a Japanese restaurant, I may enjoy some edamame or a bowl of miso soup. Same with Chinese - I might have a dish that has some tofu in it. But both situations are rare (maybe once a month). I never enjoyed so don't drink soy milk. Since the opinions on soy for ER and PR positive women are all over the place, moderation but not necessarily total avoidance should be employed. Eating tofu everyday washed down with a couple of glasses of soy milk should be reconsidered but occassionally enjoying an order of Bean Curd Hunan style is absolutely okay for me.
Kind regards


Found lump via BSE
Diagnosed 8/04 at age 45
1.9cm tumor, ER+PR-, Her2 3+(rt side)
2 micromets to sentinel node
Stage 2A
left 3mm DCIS - low grade ER+PR+Her2 neg
lumpectomies 9/7/04
4DD AC followed by 4 DD taxol
Used Leukine instead of Neulasta
35 rads on right side only
4/05 started Tamoxifen
Started Herceptin 4 months after last Taxol due to
trial results and 2005 ASCO meeting & recommendations
Oophorectomy 8/05
Started Arimidex 9/05
Finished Herceptin (16 months) 9/06
Arimidex Only
Prolia every 6 months for osteopenia

NED 15 years!

Said Christopher Robin to Pooh: "You must remember this: You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"
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Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

Copied from another thread where I had posted this from an article I had read:
7. Steer clear of soy supplements. (For HORMONE+ breast cancer)

Soy contains isoflavones, which can act like estrogen in your body and potentially stimulate the growth of certain types of breast cancer, explains Dr. Seema A. Khan, a professor of surgery and co-leader of the breast cancer program at Northwestern University in Chicago. Supplements usually contain more concentrated doses of isoflavones, so experts recommend avoiding them. But soy foods _ edamame, soy milk, tofu _ are fine.

I am avoiding soy in supplements as much as possible. Foods...I'm careful, but it is in sooo many things.
Blessings and Peace,

DX Oct 02 @ age 52 Stage 2B Grade 3 Mastectomy
"at least" 4.5 cm IDC 1+node ER+61% /PR-
Assiciated Intraductual component with Comedo Necrosis
Her2+ FISH8.6 IHC 2+
5 1/2 CEF Arimidex
Celebrex 400mg daily for 13 months
Prophylactic mastectomy
Estradiol #: 13
PTEN positive, "late" Herceptin (26 months after chemo)
Oct 05: Actonel for osteopenia from Arimidex.
May 08: Replaced Actonel with Zometa . Taking every 6

Accepting the gift of life, I give thanks for it and live it in fullness.

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Re: Effects of soy on her2 positive cancer?

I still enjoy soy foods in moderation even in light of my cancer being highly estrogen & progesterone positive.

Smile On!

Dx'd w/multifocal DCIS/IDS 3/08
7mm invasive component
Partial mast. 5/08
Stage 1b, ER 80%, PR 90%, HER-2 6.9 on FISH
0/5 nodes
4 AC, 4 TH finished 9/08
Herceptin every 3 weeks. Finished 7/09
Tamoxifen 10/08. Switched to Femara 8/09
Bilat SPM w/reconstruction 10/08
Clinical Trial w/Clondronate 12/08
Stopped Clondronate--too hard on my gizzard!
Switched back to Tamoxifen due to tendon pain from Femara

11 Years NED
I think I just might hang around awhile....

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