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Re: Christine has passed away

I'm very sorry to read that your mom passed away. I do not know my way around this site very well, but I know your mom had fought the battle for years. I am very sorry to ask, was it HER2 that killed her? I don't find any posts about it. I am very sorry to be so blunt. Personally, I was very much hoping that Herceptin had knocked it down and out forever. I am from Texas and have recently learned that the CB1 and CB2 in cannabis can kill cancer cells. I was wondering if your mom tried it, if it helped at all. Being in Texas, I personally don't know anyone using cannabis, or using it to fight cancer. It seems to have no side effects or toxicity and I have read it can kill virtually any cancer in 90 days, if used correctly. I have had HER2+ twice now, and am suffering from the toxicity of the companion drugs used with Herceptin. So, I am rethinking what I will do next. I can not do those companion drugs ever again. I am very sorry to ask, and if this offends you, please just delete it, and I will understand. I am being selfish, to some degree. If your mom did use Rick Simpson Oil, and it didn't help, then it would be the first case I had heard of that a cancer wasn't cured from cannabis. It is hard to know what to believe. I used to believe in MD Anderson, but I don't anymore.
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2)Interested if anyone did this, and then got implants. 3)Ruined stomach muscle. (Appreciate info about fixing this).
Recommend New Orleans instead of MD Anderson for all surgery.
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Severe neuropathy (upper thighs/upper arms) - taser sensation - (in the past), light touch finger or toes = burning. Sock free (still). Can bend knees and ankles, now. Dr. stopped Docetaxel after 5th, due to possible permanent nerve damage. (now in hands/fingers, feet/toes - pain, interested in help). 4/14/2013 - Neuropathy much less. Nerve damage is permanent in fingers & toes, hands & feet. Toekini ($10) from CVS pharmacy works great for my CIPN - feet at night. Nothing can touch my toes without burning me. I can not braid hair - fingertips do not work right.
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4/14/2013 Much happier now. Smiling a lot. Started working in the yard again, but must wear toeless sandals. Blessed. Best wishes & Blessings to you all. Has anyone had success with Rick Simpson Oil in curing HER2? Very interested in hearing details. I live in Texas and do not know anyone that has tried it. We can not use it here.
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