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Re: Christine has passed away

So sorry to hear that Christine is gone! I have not been here for a long time. My Mom got lung cancer and I was her sole caretaker for over 2 years now. I so appreciate all that this site has done for me and others. I join Sassy (Rhonda) in saying that I feel like I wouldn't have been here to care for my Mom if this site hadn't educated me on my cancer, my BRCA2 Status etc. Thank you so very much. I join you this year in the loss of my own Mom. Sending along a Christmas remembrance and a very grateful heart!

Diagnosed 7/05
Stage 3a er+(45%) pr+(68%) Her2+ (40%)
3.8 cm + .8cm multi focal - pleomorphic lobular tumors
high grade DCIS
7/20 nodes

positive as of 5/07
surgeries: double mastectomy, hysterectomy (LAVH)
A/C,Herceptin for 1 year completed 11/06

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