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Re: Iodine deficiency ! - falling intakes - goitregens - competition bromine and fluo

Anemia and iodine metabolism

It appears that iron deficiency will exacerbate the effect of low iodine.

Iron deficiency is also an issue in 'western' countries

Iron Deficiency --- United States, 1999--2000

Iron deficiency, the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide, has negative effects on work capacity and on motor and mental development in infants, children, and adolescents, and maternal iron deficiency anemia might cause low birthweight and preterm delivery (1--3). Although iron deficiency is more common in developing countries, a significant prevalence was observed in the United States during the early 1990s among certain populations, such as toddlers and females of childbearing age (4).

Persistence of goiter despite oral iodine supplementation in goitrous children with iron deficiency anemia in Côte d'Ivoire1,2,3

Michael Zimmermann,
Pierre Adou,
Toni Torresani,
Christophe Zeder, and
Richard Hurrell

"The findings in this study suggest that iron deficiency anemia in children may limit the effectiveness of an iodine intervention program. If confirmed, this result will have broad public health implications for the control of IDDs. More than 2 billion people—mainly young women and children, most in developing countries—are iron deficient (44). Children and pregnant women are also highly vulnerable to iodine deficiency and are the main target groups for iodine-supplementation programs (1, 3). Of the 419 children screened in this study, nearly 1 in 5 had both goiter and iron deficiency anemia. If iron deficiency is a nutritional factor that influences the pathogenesis of IDDs, iron deficiency may have a greater effect on IDDs than do previously described goitrogens because of its high prevalence in vulnerable groups."
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