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16 years and still going!!

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since i've been on the site. Just checking in with all the long time members and the new.
I'm almost 16 years out from stage 3B Her2 positive Hormone negative breast cancer. I had 34 positive nodes. Want to post this to encourage any new members that this monster can be beat! I have had lots of scares but everything has turned out ok. I am willing to talk with anyone that has questions or just needs encouragment! my email address is Keep the Hope alive all!
Michele Ulmer

Dx.2003 Stage 3b 35 pos nodes

Dx August 2003 Stage 3B with 35/35 nodes IDC age 39
A/C x4 Taxol x12
35 radiation tx
1Year Herceptin in trial
HER2 vaccine trial Seattle
3 months Tykerb off label

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