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Re: 13 years NED

Haven't posted in sometime but today is my birthday. I'm almost 10 years out. Stage 3, high grade, highly aggressive, HER2+, positive node, 15 months of chemo, radiation, surgery, and Hercepitn. Praise the Lord and MD Anderson I'm cancer free and living a wonderful life. To all those struggling, there is life after cancer, and boy is it a good one. Two of my favorite quotes are "You never know how strong you are, until strong is the only choice you have" and "No matter how bad the day is , there is always something to be grateful for". Live, Laugh, love and have a fantastic day!
5/07-clean mamo
8/07-found lump in right breast
9/07-diagnosed HER2+++, IDC, ER-PR-, 6.2 cm tumor, stage 3, 1/18 nodes, grade 3, modified radical mastectomy
10/07-power port installed, chemo begins
12/07-finished 4 rounds AC
1/08 began taxol/herceptin
3/08-finished taxol, herceptin only till end of 08
4/08 30 rads
12/08-last chemo I pray
1/09-port out, YEA!!!
Currently NED and pray I stay that way.
Thank God and MD Anderson!!!
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