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Same Story Here in Canada

My oncologist says the same thing, that the research shows no benefit for regular testing for mets and that survival is not improved by starting treatment before symptoms occur. She says if I am feeling good, why would I want to start chemo sooner, if there is no proven benefit to starting earlier. She says also that psychologically, we need to get away from constant reminders of illness, and that we should concentrate on each new day and the joy of life, not the prospect of "the end". I admit to having a hard time doing this, but I am trying....
Dx Nov 2010 at age 65 - 3.5 cm invasive ductal, 8 of 15 nodes. ER-,PR-, HER+++. Lumpectomy, chemo, 6 weeks rads, 52 weeks herceptin finished April 2012.
CAT,PET, bone scan, ultrasound and mammogram in Spring 2012 - NED.
Cherishing every day, but realistically "watching my back" (or should I say "front"?
Eating foods thought to fight cancer, exercising every other day,using my garden as my mecca of peace, and loving my supportive husband more than ever.
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