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Ok Marie, my partner and I made reservations for the 15th-18th at the best western in longwood right near the hospital. we already registered and are hoping to meet you and whoever can attend. I will try to go through my goofs and see if I have any doubles for you.
dx aug 03
invasive dcis 1 cm
bcs 8/4/03
bcs 8/21/03 0/16 nodes
tx 4x ca 36 rad tam
postmenopausal 06 aromasin
sept 07 biopsy node in neck
muga/pet/cat/bone mets to lungs nodes and liver stage iv
tx hki-272
tx not working switched to taxol herceptin
Taxol not working switched to navelbine
navelbine is causing bad neuropathy
starting gemzar
gemzar quit on me now on Ixempra due to increasing number and size of liver mets
another progression starting tykerb/xeloda
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