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12 years, but who is counting?

I just wanted to post (and hope this post will help some folks) that I have been NED for twelve years, as of May 10th, 2017.

I have gone from 53 to 65, just attended my beautiful and kind daughter's college graduation (older mom here), retired from being a university professor for decades (retirement effective Dec. 1, 2016) and hoping to close on my house in June (keep your fingers crossed) so that I can downsize and move into a beautiful apartment (with NO yard maintenance- I do have arthritis so yard work is tough but a patio garden would be great).

My daughter is taking a gap year or two (if a legal job requires it) and then applying to law school. She would like her dad and I to move closer to her when she gets a bit settled and renting will allow me to make further moves when the time is right.

Take care everyone. Karen Z
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