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Re: Hip Hip Hooray! 10 years NED

You give us all hope. Congratulations. I hope Denise sees this post. What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing and letting us alll know that there is life after cancer. 10 years. WOW. Don't see many of those since herceptin is so new. Hopefully we will continue to see more and more. You were so young at diagnosis, I can't even imagine what you felt at that time but 10 years later you are strong, beautiful and HEALTHY. Amen. Praise God. May you have many many many more years. Post again at 20. Take care, stay strong and God Bless. Darlene
DX Sept 30 2010 at the age of 49. Oh crap! 1.5 cm idc, stage 1 grade 3 er/pr+, her2+ no lymph nodes, mastectomy Oct/10. Started 6 rounds of TCH Dec/10 and will continue herceptin until Nov /11 and just started femara.
Stray kitten found my lump while I was playing with it. It is now my pet and my dog is not real happy about that.
Mammo good
last herceptin 11/21/11 YAY
reconstruction 12/09/11
Chapter closed 12/10/11, hopefully, fingers crossed
Bone scan, chest xray, clear
04/27/12 Expander removed, implant put in, ahh sigh of relief, much more comfortable
Sept 30, 2014, 4 years NED
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