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Re: Iodine deficiency ! - falling intakes - goitregens - competition bromine and fluo

Is iodine accumulated in fat tissue is a question I have wanted the answer to for a while. This is the first paper I have found that confirms iodine is accumulated in fatty muscle tissue (albeit in pigs).

Six months after an initial single dosage of 480mg dorsal fatty muscle tissue contained over 2 mg per kilo which was way more than the amount in liver skin or lean meat (fig 4).

The accumulation of iodine in fatty tissue for me raises the question if those who have significant fat tissue will require a higher iodine intake, because a greater proportion of any intake will be taken up by the fatty tissue. This is what is seen with vitamin D. The obese will have a lower level of vitamin D in the blood for the same intake compared to a slim person; as a result a greater number of obese people are vitamin D deficient.

In the pigs the measures of iodine such as concentration in urine, blood and thyroid were still higher after 6 months, which begs the question if the iodine is being released from the fat tissue to sustain higher iodine levels.

It also raises the issue of what role does iodine play in fat tissue; for example does it have antioxidant roles.

These are important questions but so far I have failed to find any research looking at these issues in humans.

The intramuscular delivery may have been a slightly more effective vehicle than oral delivery.

Iodine concentrations in porcine blood, urine, and tissues after
a single dose of iodised oil,d.Yms
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