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Re: Iodine deficiency ! - falling intakes - goitregens - competition bromine and fluo

This Chinese paper compares bone metabolism in two groups with high fluoride intake from water. The water of one group was low in iodine and the other contained modest amounts of iodine.

The iodine moderated the effect of fluoride on bone re-absortion / deposition.

and this paper links dental health to thyroid function,d.Yms

and concludes

"Understanding thyroid hormone metabolism is essential in understanding fluoride
toxicity. Further research, be it on dental or skeletal fluorosis, effects on IQ,
oxidative stress, etc., should focus on this matter with utmost urgency, since it is
here that all observed adverse effects can be explained, thereby leading to a new
toxicological assessment of “fluorosis”, and, most importantly, proper treatment
and prevention."

but (below) residents of Porto Santo whose water naturally used to contain high amounts of fluoride had high levels of fluorosis. Do they eat a lot of sardines; I do not know, but probably did eat more marine foods than the average, which raises questions as to the relationship between iodine and fluoride, and to what extent higher levels of fluoride can be mitigated by iodine,and how much iodine intake is needed.

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