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Very, very confused

My sister was originally diagnosed with estrogen, progesterone negative, HER2+ breast cancer back in December 2013. Her course of treatment was set as chemotherapy with herceptin, double mastectomy and no radiation therapy.

She finished her chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. In March one of her implants became infected and had to have surgery to have one implant removed. Herceptin stopped until she was relatively healed then she would finish her final 3 rounds of therapy.

Today, she saw her breast surgeon who asked if she was taking her tamoxifen because of being estrogen positive. She also mentioned that since there was lymph node involvement that she might need radiation therapy. No tamoxifen prescription was ever ordered.

Needless to say, we're darn confused! I was given the original biopsy pathology report which indicates that the tumor was estrogen negative and no lymph node involvement! We were given incredible news in March that there was no evidence of cancer from the breast tissue. Both doctors said that she is in remission.

Who are we to believe?
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