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Re: YES!!! It is here. Phase II vaccine trial for Her2 3+

Ouch Waterdreamer, don't be so discriminatory. Surely they will let men into the trial too. After all they specify patients, not just ladies. Plus I just told James that perhaps he could make it into the trial.

I've been hoping for cancer treatments based on our own individual cancer characteristics. It is a blessing that a vaccine is in Phase II & Phase III for both HLA A2 or HLA A3 positive. It is my impression this is a fairly large group.

It is a pity that the AE37 vaccine which includes the HLA A2 negatives in only in Phase IIb for lower expressors. It is my impression that taking this vaccine into Phase III is delayed until the funding is available. Perhaps when that happens they will once again include the Her2 3+ as well.
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