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Re: Any lung mets survivors??

Hi Delaney,
Don't give up yet! I was diagnosed in Feb.2010 with mets to lots of places and one was my lungs. I did the weekly Taxol/Herceptin and I am now NED.
After about 4 weeks of treatment I was breathing easier and felt better overall. Think NED lady!
Stay positive and keep in touch.
Nov. 2006-IDC with Her2 +++
A/C for 3 rounds
Dec. 2006- Herceptin and Taxotere
March 2007-MRM with 8 of 14 lymph node involvement
May 2007-36 Rads
Sept. 2007- Stopped Herceptin
Jan. 2010- CT scan shows enlarged lymph nodes in sternum and lung involvement
Feb. 2010-PET scan shows mets to liver, lung, lymph nodes and bone
Feb. 2010- Started Herceptin/Taxol and Zometa
April 2010-PET scan clear. Herceptin and Zometa
June 2010- Stopped Herceptin continue Zometa and still NED
August 2010-Back on Herceptin and Zometa every 3 weeks
August 13, 2010- Had another port placed
August 24, 2010- PET scan clear. Herceptin and Zometa every three weeks
Nov. 2010-PET scan clear
Feb. 2011-Brain MRI clear
March 2011- PET scan clear
May 2011- PET scan clear
Sept. 2011- PET, Mammo, Bone Scan all clear- Herceptin only
March 2012-Recurrence in lungs and tumor around pota hepatis artery. Added Navelbine to herceptin
April 2012- Entered palliative care
June 5, 2012-Entered hospice care
Planning my memorial
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