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Re: heart attack after chemo into hercetin only

When I was on Herceptin for 6 years, it was the left ventrical that concerned them and mine stayed good. However about 10 years after I stopped Herceptin I had a heart attack. It was due to the radiation I received and not Herceptin. Could this be what happened in your case or not?

If you ever have any chest pain, go to the emergency dept. immediately, better to be safe than sorry.
I carry (given by my cardiologist Natispray which is hydro-glycerine) and 2 aspirins in case of chest pains - not to be over used. Maybe ask your cardiologist if these might be helpful in case of a problem. The aspirin is to chew immediately upon having pain.

I am sure your cardiologist has you on some medicine which probably includes something like Kardegic, a powder aspirin.
I did have a stent put in. No big deal. I'd rather have a heart issue than cancer but that's me.
Hopefully your heart attack didn't destroy any heart muscle.

Glad you can go back on Herceptin - the miracle drug and because of that, you'll be having regular sonograms for the heart anyway and that's good.

hugs and love
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