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I started a new thread as I am unsure what proper etiquette is for this forum...hope that is okay. I just started treatment today and am feeling all sorts of anxiety. I am hoping someone can help answer some questions I I have to wait a certain amount of time after taking the pills before eating again? Also, approximately how many days after starting the treatment do side effects start?

I work full time and am wondering if it will affect me...
Feb/2010-Diagnosed with IDC ER+, PR+, Her2+++(age 28)
Mar 2010- 6 Rounds of FECT (made me sick as a dog)
Jun 2010- Finished chemo
Jul 2010- Mastectomy +12 lymphs (4+)
Oct 2010- Radiation/Begin Herceptin (Her2 was overlooked by my Onco!)
Sep 2011- End of Herceptin
Nov 2011- Recurrence-->Chest Wall, muscle, and possible lymph (ER+, PR-, Her2+++)...WTF!!!???!!!
Feb 2012-Randomized for Clinical Trial
Feb 2012- Begin blind study either TDM1 w/Pertuzumab or TDM1 w/Placebo Pertuzumab
Jan 2013-2nd Recurrence, off TDM1...what next?
Feb 2013-chest wall resection
Feb 2013-Begin Zoladex :(
Apr 2013-Begin Femara
Jul 2013-Oopherectomy + both tubes
Oct 2013-Chest wall recurrence same spot...Dr monitor
Nov 2013-New nodule on chest...restaging...bone/ct clear...continue to monitor
Mar 2014-Surgeon fr/dif hospital confirms lung metasis based on review of CT scan from Nov...Onc recommends Aromasin/Affinitor...
Apr 2014-Start Herceptin+Vinorelbine
Sep 2014-New pain in lower back, MRI confirms metastasis
Oct 2014-SBRT to lungs
Nov 2014-SBRT to lower back
Dec 2014-Restaging confirms two new nodules to lungs and lower spine :(
Jan 2015-Xeloda and Tykerb (good response)
Aug 2015-Xeloda/Tykerb not working...Dr wants to try Taxol/Herceptin combo...problem, Herceptin not covered by OHIP
Sep 2015-Begin Taxol continue Xgeva
Oct 2015-Add Herceptin
Nov 2015-CT stable but MRI shows new mets to spine :(
Jan/Feb 2016-Start Erubulin (Halavan)
May 2016-Progression...Stop Erubulin
June 2016-PMH to explore Clinical Trial options...consideration for Immunotherapy
July 2016-Screening for Trial...Still without treatment, experiencing low appetite, low energy, pain, and rapid wieght loss...cachexia???

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