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Will be 8yrs NED from Stage IV in April

Hello lovelies!
Just wanted to stop by and leave a message of hope. I have had a long battle with breast cancer since 1998 in both breasts. Second diagnosis was inflammatory. I've been on pretty much everything out there for Her2 and got my mets down to the size of a quarter on my sternum. I had radiation to that spot in 2011 and haven't heard a peep since. Still on vitamin H and Zometa. I rarely post. Hoping my thread will offer hope to someone on this site.

8/98 dx right breast
5/2003 tram flap right breast
8/2004 dx new primary left breast with inflammatory bc
er/pr-, her2neu+++
8/19 taxotere and herceptin
1/15/2005 Navelbine/Herceptin
4/2005 radiation and Herceptin
5/15/2005 Herceptin alone
2/12/2008 skin biopsy positive
2/14/2008 met to sternum, possibly right breast
2/27/08 Start omitarg, herceptin, taxotere trial
3/17/08 Kicked off trial because I started too close to my last herceptin
3/19 start tykerb xeloda
Right breast confirmed met
5/15/08 skin mets gone, no hypermetabolic activity in breast, sternum healing
8/24/08 scans still look good. sternum still active with scarring. No evidence of progression
10/08 Progression in sternum
12/08 Start TDM1 trial
1/09 Scans show stable
12/09 1 year on TDM1 still stable
10/10 progression in chest and liver
11/10 false positive of liver mets; tykerb and herceptin
4/11 Tykerb/Herceptin/Xgeva
4/11 Rads to Sternum
5/12/12 NED Herceptin/Zometa
3/16/19 still NED Herceptin/Zometa very 6months
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