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Re: Help with terminology

First off best of luck w/your husb. Things will work out the way that is meant to be. It is rough for me & my husb.My mom has died from breast cancer i have no dad 1 aunt living in state who helps evertime w/ appointments. So we cant get babysitters last went out together in mar 2010. i dont work as I left my job to take care of my second newborn and my husband is a police officer who works 7 days p/week 12 hour shifts sometimes no weekend or anything off to spend can get lonely, but when this is done and im being positve it will be..I am blessed w/ knowing what has become the true important thing in life. One day @ a time and we will cross that bridge when we get there. Its rough having minimal family and a husb always working...and then "expanders for a chest w/no hair or nails..however once again all materalistic.

And I do have a question.. finishing chemo aug 19 do you know of any foods or vitamins to help for preventative measures w/ her 2+++ breast cancer er pr- .

i do exercise 4mile 3x per week on treadmill 2mile run @ 5.7-6.3 and 4.0 walk 2miles 5%incline. weight 2x weekly 30-45 min spin or bootcamp 2-3x per month to throw something in diffrent..I weigh 115 @ 5'4 I would consider myself to eat a lot as the gym will make you more hungry

best of luck new here so send me a private message if you feel the need to theraputic vent..we wont be normal in any tragidy if there were no downs..
sending you courage and love
dx- march 2010 age 35 stage 3a 4 of 9 pos. nodes
idc 2.2 ininvasive 7cm of dcis er/pr- her2+
april 15 2010 bilateral masectomy w/ tissue expanders
may 4 2010 port import
may 6 2010 clean ct scan & bone scan
may 11 2010 start 4 A/C (finish aug 3 2010)
aug 17 2010 start weekly herceptine & taxol 12xs (end date of oct 19 2010)
nov-dec 2010 30 radation
(plan permanent implants for feb or mar 2011)
continue on herceptine till aug 2011

Love & prayers to everyone
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