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Re: Teeth

OMG When I was radiated to my supraclavicular node etc. they didn't put a block on my head and my teeth were full of holes. I hate to think of what that did to my brain and eyes lol. I had to have caps everywhere. Cost me a bundle. Since then I have lost two of the caps...likely from chemo since one more since I had most recent chemo. What a pain!!!


Diagnosed Oct. 2004 3 cm ductal, lumpectomy Nov. 2004
Diagnosed Jan. 2005 tumor in supraclavicular node
Stage 3c, Grade 3, ER/PR+, Her2++
4 AC, 4 Taxol, Radiation, Arimidex, Actonel
Herceptin for 9 months until Muga dropped and heart enlarged
Restarting herceptin weekly after 4 months off
Stopped herceptin after four weekly treatments....score dropped to 41
Finished 6 years Arimidex
May 2015 diagnosed with ovarian cancer
Stage 1C
started 6 treatments of carboplatin/taxol
Nice! My hair came back really curly. Hope it lasts lol.

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