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Re: Christine's funeral

I had the pleasure to meet Adriana on Sunday at the viewing as well as Debra and Danielle. I think those two young women know just about all there is to know about HER2+ BC. They had a lovely slide show of Christine's life, from pictures of her 2nd birthday as a toddler, pregnancies, the life she shared with Joe (the kind of marriage that makes you really believe in 'til death do you part) and her daughters and their lives together. There were also many, many pictures of her HER2 work; she seemed to be quite the celebrity! Photos of her name and story in lights on Time Square in NYC, a Genentech billboard in San Francisco and in a brochure by another medical provider. Seeing someone's life like that makes me believe in humanity and real love of others and paying it forward.

And 'lizabeth is right, they raised two very exceptional young women who are and have been very involved in this website and our fight. I wish them healing over their loss, and for their lives to continue to grow and prosper.

It's sad to lose such a strong advocator but I think there are several women on this site that seem to be carrying the torch, and I do thank you for your service. Christine would be proud!

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