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Re: Access to T DM-1

That is such great news to hear how well Lorraine continues to do on T-DM1. I also love hearing how amazed her surgeon was! Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort to spread the word about this wonderful drug. I am due to start chemo and have been trying so hard to get by just long enough to get on T-DM1 myself. I keep praying for breaking news that the FDA has approved it earlier then planned on. It's so upsetting to have us run thru toxic chemo's when there is more then enough hard data to show T-DM1 is safe and effective with much less side affects. It's such a hardship for so many of us to travel to these EAP locations...let alone the financial burden it causes.

schoonder, Thanks so much for sharing that link with us. Another uplifting and encouraging story about of how well T-DM1 can work for some. It sure made major changs in this women's life. To go from a wheelchair to walking around again is pretty amazing! Just got to love it.

It's stories like this that bring real hope to so many of us. Thanks again Phil for all your hard work--it's so appreciated more then you know!

DX: 12-20-05 - Stage IIIA, Her2/Neu, 3+++,Er & Pr weakly positive, 5 of 16 pos nodes.
Rt. MRM on 1-3-06 -- No Rads due to compromised lungs.
Chemo started 2-7-06 -- TCH - - Finished 6-12-06
Finished yr of wkly herceptin 3-19-07
3-15-07 Lt side prophylactic simple mastectomy. -- Ooph 4-05-07
9-21-09 PET/CT "Recurrence" to Rt. axllia, Rt. femur, ilium. Possible Sacrum & liver? Now stage IV.
9-28-09 Loading dose of Herceptin & started Zometa
9-29-09 Power Port Placement
10-24-09 Mass 6.4 x 4.7 cm on Rt. femur head.
11-19-09 RT. Femur surgery - Rod placed
12-7-09 Navelbine added to Herceptin/Zometa.
3-23-10 Ten days of rads to RT femur. Completed.
4-05-10 Quit Navelbine--Herceptin/Zometa alone.
5-4-10 Appt. with Dr. Slamon to see what is next? Waiting on FISH results from femur biopsy.
Results to FISH was unsuccessful--this happens less then 2% of the time.
7-7-10 Recurrence to RT axilla again. Back to UCLA for options.
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