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Re: Phase III Randomized Study of Neoadjuvant Paclitaxel in Combination With Trastuzu

Hi Holly,

I can not tell you what stage I am since my doctor has only told me I am between Stage 2 and 3 with grade III tumors. I started the treatment on June 1, have 3 down and have not really begun to lose my hair yet. I have had minor diarrhea, but the OTC Imodium helps a lot. I am covered in a rash from the Tykerb though. It looks like acne but also alot like sunburn. My biggest side effect that I think I am dealing with is actually from the steroids they are giving me. The first two weeks I could not sleep for over 40 hours after treatment. The third visit they decreased it but I was still up for 39 hours. I am hoping they take me off of it completely next week. So far my blood work has come back normal. I am due to see the oncologist and my surgeon the 27th and the 30th for check ups. Hope you are doing well. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Take Care.
Baseline Mammogram November 2010, found 2 suspicious calcifications (right side).
Second Mammogram April 2011, found 2 masses in the right breast, 1 in the lymph node and 1 in the left breast.
3 Biopsies May 11, 2011
Diagnosed right Invasive Ductal Breast Cancer which spread to my lymph node 5-13-2011.
Between Stage 2 and 3 with tumors grade III. ER/PR- but Her2neu+++
PET Scan clear
Breast MRI showed 2 masses in left, 5 in the right and 2 in the lymph node.
Biopsy of left mass benign
Joined clinical trial which required second biopsy of one of the right masses
Port placed May 27, 2011
Began Chemo (Taxol, Herceptin and Tykerb) on June 1, 2011 - September 12, 2011
Bi-lateral Mastectomy with reconstruction (expanders) October 3, 2011
FEC 12 weeks
Radiation 6 weeks
Herceptin 8 months finish September 2012
Exchange surgery August 3, 2012
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