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Re: Administration Every 3 Weeks Instead of Weekly for First 18 Weeks

Thank you Meti, I'm in Hong Kong, I will definitely keep the first dose redo information in mind when I negotiate with the docs in case they schedule my injections late again. Many thanks!

Thanks for the information Lucy. I think the report I am using should be the most recent on the Herceptin website, the link I provided in my prior message is the section of the website "For Healthcare Professionals".The 18 weeks weekly regimen is only for the TCH Adjuvent treatment.

I am glad to know the information you shared for the 2 best cancer facilities in your country. Since my chemo regimen is every 3 weeks, maybe that's why I am also getting Herceptin on that schedule.

I agree about the concern over delay of the injection schedule. I basically have to negotiate the day before each cycle for the schedule of the next cycle. This Thursday April 11 is when I see the doctor before my 3rd cycle injection on April 12, and also when I will know if they are willing to schedule my fourth injection on May 3rd. I have to prepare to fight with the public hospital doctors and nurses again. The worst case scenario is I need to go private, but the cost of one injection for my regimen will be 4 times the cost of the public hospital and my insurance coverage has been maxed out already. In any case, I am ready to pay for it but one private doctor has already declined my case as he wouldn't take on a new patient who is halfway through treatment with another hospital/doctor, probably because of risks and liability.
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