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Re: Gabrielle diagnosed Dec 1999 - Still Here

Hi friends....still here NED. Finishing 17 years after Dec 1999 diagnosis. The years have gone by quickly and am so grateful for each one. My husband and I are actually talking about retirement in 3 years and I never thought I'd live long enough to have that conversation. Was stage 3 with 9 positive nodes.

I've seen my 12 and 9 year old grow into adulthood, finish college and get good jobs. My daughter is getting married in May. Only we, in here, know what a gift that is.

I don't have special secrets for survival except that I was very aggressive about my treatment. I took a year of herceptin after the conventional chemo; opted for full mastectomy even for the non-cancerous breast and requested a hysterectomy a year after diagnosis (I was 45 then). I have no idea why I survived and other worthy women didn't. Cancer is mysterious.

I still work full time and teach part time. Go to the Y about 3x a week. My weight is normal and I eat everything: nothing is off limits including bacon and chocolate. 61 years old now.

God bless you all. Much love, Gabrielle
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