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Re: 5 year's out from stage 3 Her2 pos 35 pos nodes

thank you Michele. I needed that post too. I did not have tykerb. why did they give you tykerb? Just wondering why I didnt get it. My doctor said I got the standard treatment and it worked so nothing else till it returns,. He told me 50/50 it will come back but i am standing on the good 50 side! i lost 31 nodes and 18 were positive. there was also 2 nodes with cancer in my neck they could not operate on, but chemo destroyed the cancer and radiation destroyed the nodes. I have stage 2 Lymphedema in my left arm. I wear a compression sleeve every day and do manual lymph drainage daily. sometimes it is a pain, but i am thankful i am alive so my lymphedema is nothing! my arm swells sometime but the sleeve contains it so it will not turn into elephantitus. I find it scary at times, worrying about the cancer coming back, but then i dismiss that negative thought... see it as a waste of energy. concentrate on living but that word cancer still haunts me. thank you for your post I want to be just like you and al the others on here that beat the odds. thanks!! Bonita
Mammogram Sep 21, 2009 everything good and clear
DX jan 19,2010 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 2 Age 56
modified radical masectomy on LEFT side 29 Jan 2010
2.7 cm 18/31 nodes
mets to just above collar bone ( 2 nodes showed in PET)
ER- PR - / Her2 +++ (IHC) Stage 111 C
ki-67 60% nottingham score 7
A/C chemo mar 22,2010 DD
herceptin & taxotere DD june 1,2010
finished taxotere july 12, 2010
finished herceptin 16 May 2011
PET Scan 9 Aug 10, cancer in neck is gone! NED
33 Rads completed 1 Oct 2010
PET/CT Scan 6 Jan 2011 NED
PET/CT Scan 3 Aug 2011
MUGA 59% 3/22/10 -63% 9/23/10 - 51% 1/4/11 - 55% 2/17/11 - 50% 8/3/11
26 Aug 2011 NED
20 Feb 2012 NED
5 Mar 2012 PORT OUT
12 July 2012 DIEP breast reconstruction
23 Aug 2012 NED
15 Nov 2012 new breast tweeked and natural breast uplifted and implant added
17 Feb 2013 NED
27 mar 2013 lipo suction to add fat cells to new breast in hopes for needed adjustment.

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