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Re: Headed to year 9

Hi Joanna,

Thank you so much and all the very best to you as you progress on your journey as well.

I see you have a similar diagnosis - and you are doing well.

Stay well and keep smiling


Dx Nov 2002 Her2 +++ Er+ 44 years of age (Pre menopausal)
Lumpectomy 1st Dec '02
Stage II 2cm tumor.. Clean margins
Her2 +++ Er pos
1 x Pos Node of 14
Entered BCIRG 006 Trial Jan '03
4 x AC 4 x Taxotere 30 Rads
1 year Herceptin
5 years Arimadex
Total hysterectomy (came out of chemopause) March '04
2012 - Still NED
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