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My Mom-Brain, Lungs, Bone

In 2007 my mom was diagnosed with HER2+ stage 2a. She had a lumpectomy, radiation and chemo. In July 2011 we found out she was stage 4 with mets in her lungs, bones and brain. She had WBRT, navelbine and tykerb (made her really sick and had to stop), then taxotere and Herceptin. In December she went in for what was supposed to be a routine hernia laprascopy. She developed a fistula and almost died. She was on TPN and in the hospital for 7 weeks. She hasnt been able to have chemo for almost 10 weeks becuase she still has an open wound in her abdomen from the surgery. In the last few days we have found that the spot on the lung has increased and lymph nodes are now involved. Today we found there are new spots in her cerebellum and front lobe. They are considering WBRT again or Gamma Knife. In the last week she has lost all control of her right leg probably due to nerve damage from the brain or spine (waiting on spine MRI results). Other than the leg, she feels okay. Our family is terrfied and needs stories of encouragement. Has anyone had gamma knife in the cerebellum? Anyone done WBRT more than one? I need help! I am lost!
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